Items are objects players can obtain in the game, and they will be stored in their inventory. They can be classified as resources, food/ingredients, structures, equipment and miscellaneous items. Some items can be classified into multiple categories, depending on interpretation. Items of the same kind can be stacked infinitely in the inventory or a chest. Wood can also be stored in furnaces, bread ovens, and extractors, which is used to power them, but the wood may not be taken out. Wheat can be stocked in the windmill in a similar way. We have displayed this information as a master list in the form of tables since there is too much information to write out in paragraphs. For more information, please visit the page for individual categories and items. There are currently 213 items on this page.

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Master List

Inv wood.png Wood Inv stone.png Stone Inv gold.png Gold Inv diamond.png Diamond Inv amethyst.png Amethyst
Inv-emerald-click.pngEmerald Inv-reidite-click.pngReidite Inv dirt.png Ground Inv sand.png Sand Inv ice.png Ice Cube
Mob Drops
Inv rabbit fur.png Rabbit Fur Inv wolf fur.png Wolf Fur Inv winter fur.png Winter Fur Inv boar fur.png Boar Fur
Inv thread.png Thread Crab Claw.png Crab Claws Crab sticks.png Crab Sticks Inv piranha scales.png Piranha Scales
Inv-hawk-feather-click.png Hawk Feather Inv-penguin-feather-click.png Penguin Feather Inv-vulture-feather-click.png Vulture Feather
Inv-flame-in.png Flame Inv-mammoth-fur-out.png Mammoth Fur Inv meat raw.png Raw Meat Inv fish.png Fish
Inv dragon heart.png Dragon Heart Inv lava heart.png Lava Heart Inv kraken skin.png Kraken Skin Inv sandworm juice.png Sandworm Juice
Chrono Quests
Inv blue cube.png Blue Cube Inv blue orb.png Blue Orb
Inv lava cube.png Lava Cube Inv lava orb.png Lava Orb
Inv gem blue.png Blue Gem Inv gem orange.png Orange Gem Inv gem green.png Green Gem
Inv black wolf fur.png Black Wolf Fur Inv white wolf fur.png White Wolf Fur
Inv-pilot-glasses-click.png Pilot Glasses Inv pitchfork part.png Pitchfork Part
Inv fruit.png Berries Inv wheat.png Wheat
Inv flour.png Flour Inv bread.png Bread
Inv sandwich.png Sandwich Inv cookies.png Cookies Inv cake.png Cake
Inv meat raw.png Raw Meat[1] Inv fish.png Fish[1] Crab sticks.png Crab Sticks[1]
Inv meat cooked.png Cooked Meat Inv fish cooked.png Cooked Fish Inv crab claws.png Crab Claws[1]
Inv pumpkin.png Pumpkin Inv tomato.png Tomatoes Inv carrot.png Carrot
Inv watermelon.png Watermelon Inv garlic.png Garlic
Inv-cactus-in.png Cactus Inv-aloe-vera-in.png Aloe Vera
Inv pickaxe wood.png Wooden Pickaxe Inv hammer stone.png Stone Hammer Inv shovel stone.png Stone Shovel Inv wood shield.png Wooden Shield Inv book.png Book
Inv pickaxe stone.png Stone Pickaxe Inv stone shield.png Stone Shield Inv-pitchfork-out.png Pitchfork
Inv pickaxe gold.png Golden Pickaxe Inv hammer gold.png Golden Hammer Inv shovel gold.png Golden Shovel Inv gold shield.png Golden Shield Inv-pitchfork2-click.png Golden Pitchfork
Inv pickaxe diamond.png Diamond Pickaxe Inv hammer diamond.png Diamond Hammer Inv shovel diamond.png Diamond Shovel Inv diamond shield.png Diamond Shield Inv can.png Watering Can
Inv amethyst pickaxe.png Amethyst Pickaxe Inv hammer amethyst.png Amethyst Hammer Inv shovel amethyst.png Amethyst Shovel Inv amethyst shield.png Amethyst Shield Inv bucket full.png Bucket
Inv-reidite-pickaxe-in.png Reidite Pickaxe Inv hammer reidite.png Reidite Hammer Inv reidite shield.png Reidite Shield Inv wrench.png Wrench
Inv super hammer.png Super Hammer Inv-machete-out.png Machete
Inv sword wood.png Wooden Sword New inv spear wood.png Wooden Spear Inv-wood-bow-out.png Wooden Bow Inv-wood-arrow-click.png Wooden Arrow
Inv sword stone.png Stone Sword Inv spear stone.png Stone Spear Stonebow.png Stone Bow Inv-stone-arrow-out.png Stone Arrow
Inv sword gold.png Golden Sword Inv spear gold.png Golden Spear Inv-gold-bow-out.png Golden Bow Inv-gold-arrow-out.png Golden Arrow
Inv sword diamond.png Diamond Sword Inv spear diamond.png Diamond Spear Inv-diamond-bow-out.png Diamond Bow Inv-diamond-arrow-out.png Diamond Arrow
New inv sword amethyst.png Amethyst Sword Inv spear amethyst.png Amethyst Spear Inv-amethyst-bow-out.png Amethyst Bow Inv-amethyst-arrow-out.png Amethyst Arrow
Inv sword reidite.png Reidite Sword Inv spear reidite.png Reidite Spear Inv-reidite-bow-out.png Reidite Bow Inv-reidite-arrow-out.png Reidite Arrow
Inv sword dragon.png Dragon Sword Inv spear dragon.png Dragon Spear Inv-dragon-bow-out.png Dragon Bow Inv-dragon-arrow-out.png Dragon Arrow
Inv sword lava.png Lava Sword Inv-lava-spear-in.png Lava Spear Pirate sword.png Pirate Sword Crab Spear.png Crab Spear
Inv boat.png Boat Inv sled.png Sled Inv plane.png Plane
Inv saddle.png Saddle
Inv-mount-boar-out.png Tamed Boar Inv-falcon-out.png Tamed Hawk Inv-crab-boss-out.png Tamed King Crab
Inv-baby-dragon-out.png Tamed Baby Dragon Inv-baby-lava-out.png Tamed Baby Lava Inv-mammoth-out.png Tamed Baby Mammoth
Inv wooden helmet.png Wooden Helmet Inv stone helmet.png Stone Helmet Inv gold helmet.png Golden Helmet Inv diamond helmet.png Diamond Helmet
Inv amethyst helmet.png Amethyst Helmet Inv reidite helmet.png Reidite Helmet Inv dragon helmet.png Dragon Helmet Inv-lava-helmet-out.png Lava Helmet
Inv earmuffs.png Earmuffs Inv coat.png Coat Inv Cap and scarf.png Cap & Scarf Inv-fur-hat-out.png Fur Hat
Inv-diamond-protection-in.png Diamond Protection Inv-amethyst-protection-in.png Amethyst Protection Inv-reidite-protection-in.png Reidite Protection
Inv life crown.png Crown of Life Inv luck crown.png Crown of Luck Inv angel crown.png Crown of the Angel
Inv diving mask.png Diving Mask Inv hood.png Hood Inv peasant tunic.png Peasant's Tunic Inv bag.png Bag
Inv diving suit.png Diving Suit Inv winter hood.png Winter Hood Inv winter peasant tunic.png Winter Peasant's Tunic Inv explorerhat.png Explorer's Hat
Inv desert cap.png Turban Inv turban.png Ninja Outfit
Inv wall wood.png Wooden Wall Inv door wood.png Wooden Door Inv spikewall wood.png Wooden Spikes Inv spikedoor wood.png Wooden Door Spikes
Inv wall stone.png Stone Wall Inv door stone.png Stone Door Inv spikewall stone.png Stone Spikes Inv spikedoor stone.png Stone Door Spikes
Inv wall gold.png Golden Wall Inv door gold.png Golden Door Inv spikewall gold.png Golden Spikes Inv spikedoor gold.png Golden Door Spikes
Inv wall diamond.png Diamond Wall Inv door diamond.png Diamond Door Inv spikewall diamond.png Diamond Spikes Inv spikedoor diamond.png Diamond Door Spikes
Inv wall amethyst.png Amethyst Wall Inv door amethyst.png Amethyst Door Inv spikewall amethyst.png Amethyst Spikes Inv spikedoor amethyst.png Amethyst Door Spikes
Inv wall reidite.png Reidite Wall Inv door reidite.png Reidite Door Inv spikewall reidite.png Reidite Spikes Inv spikedoor reidite.png Reidite Door Spikes
Inv fire.png Campfire Inv big fire.png Big Fire Inv furnace.png Furnace
Miscellaneous Structures
Inv workbench.png Workbench Inv chest.png Chest Inv totem.png Totem
Inv well.png Well Inv res stone.png Resurrection Stone Inv-point-machine-click.png Emerald Machine
Inv bridge.png Bridge Inv roof.png Roof Inv sign.png Sign
Inv bed.png Bed Inv-wood-platform-out.png Tower
Agricultural Structures
Inv seeds.png Berry Seeds Inv wheat seeds.png Wheat Seeds Inv pumpkin seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds
Inv garlic seeds.png Garlic Seeds Inv thorn bush seeds.png Thorn Bush Seeds Inv carrot seeds.png Carrot Seeds
Inv tomato seeds.png Tomato Seeds Inv watermelon seeds.png Watermelon Seeds Inv aloe vera seeds.png Aloe Vera Seeds
Inv plant plot.png Plant Plot Inv mill.png Windmill Inv bread oven.png Bread Oven
Miscellaneous Items
Inv paper.png Paper Inv blue cord.png Blue Thread Inv bottle.png Bottle Inv bottle full.png Water Bottle
Inv lock.png Lock Inv key.png Key Inv bandage.png Bandage

Seasonal Items

Christmas Items

Christmas Items are items that were added into the game in the "Winter is here" update and removed in the "It smells like burning!" update. It means that these items could only be obtained during Christmas 2018.

Christmas Update
Inv candy.png Candy Inv candy cane.png Candy Cane
Inv santa hat.png Santa Hat Inv elf hat.png Elf Hat
Drops Weapons Miscellaneous Items
Gift.png Gift Pirate sword.png Pirate Sword Inv garland.png Garland

Halloween Items

Halloween Items are items that were added into the game in the "Halloween" update and removed in the "Bizarre" update. It means that these items could only be obtained during Halloween 2019.

Halloween Update
Items Vehicles Clothing
Inv-firefly-out.png Firefly Inv nimbus2000.png Nimbus 2000 Inv-witch-hat-out.png Witch Hat
Inv-magic-wand0-out.png Wand of Life Inv-magic-wand1-out.png Wand of Death


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