These are currently all the controls in the game:


Left click on mobs/players/buildings = Attack
Y = Open full size map
Left click on mini map = Pins location
R = Toggle auto feed
Enter = Chat


W  = Move up
S  = Move down
D  = Move right
A  = Move left


Left click = Equip item / Use item / Craft item
Left click on deposits/bushes = Collect items
Left click on + above the item = Move 1 item into chest/furnace
Shift + Left click on + above the item = Move 10 items into chest/furnace
Left click on chest item = Move all items into inventory from chest
Right click = Cancel crafting / Throw away hovered stack in inventory


P = Show spectators in Hunger Games mode


G = Toggle between free and grid building methods


Note: Watch out! Cancelling a crafting assignment takes priority over throwing away a hovered stack.

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