Lakes are small water sources found in the forest. There are a total of 11 of them on the map, all of which are in the forest. While in a lake (or on a bridge placed on a lake), the thirst bar will fill, but the player will lose oxygen, and also has increased cold reduction. If the player is standing on a bridge, the thirst bar will fill, but the cold bar will empty normally and the oxygen bar will not decrease at all. Players can also go in the ocean biome and receive the same effects.

Note- this article is no longer relevant, as the lake doesn't exist in game anymore. However, the lake's replacement, the river, is almost exactly the same, aside from having a current- so you may still use the tips if you like.


Being in the water makes the cold bar decrease faster, and if you pair that with the cold reduction you get at the night, it can be annoying to get water in the night unless you have bottles. Make sure to not spend too long in a lake, since you will run out of oxygen/cold and take damage. To fill your thirst bar while keeping warm, it is recommended to place a bridge on the lake and put a campfire on it. Now you have a campfire on the lake, go on the platform, and this makes it so that both your cold and thirst bars fill up. Another option is to place a campfire on the edge of the lake and then go into the lake while staying in the fire's radius. This method however, will not prevent oxygen loss.

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