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The Lava Biome is the biome introduced in the "It Smells Like Burning!" update. The Lava Biome is located at the top right, covering approximately 1/5 of the map. It is home to the Lava Monsters, Lava Dragons, and the Baby Lava Dragons. This biome also contains the second rarest but the most powerful mineable resource currently in the game, reidite.

In the Lava Biome you will heat up significantly, putting you in danger of overheating. There are lava pools and lava rivers which heat up and deal copious amounts of damage to players inside them. Standing on bridges will prevent this effect. Note that if your heat bar is filled up all the way, you will begin to lose health. Heat protections can reduce this effect. To keep your heat bar low, you need to eat ice cubes, obtained from the Winter biome with a shovel, which lower your temperature and bring your heat bar down.


  • To save ice cubes, only eat them when your heat bar is fully filled up. However, if you need to regenerate, eat enough ice cubes to keep your heat bar beneath 65%. You can only regenerate if none of your status bars are flashing.
  • Try to bring 300-500 ice cubes from the winter; not only do they cool you down, but you need them to make water bottles if you're staying a while.
  • Don't forget to unequip your chapka, as it will heat you up even more.
  • If you want to traverse the lava pools without taking damage, use bridges.
  • If aggressive players attack you in the Winter, try going around resource deposits and blocking them with walls, while gathering ice. Then, go to the Lava Biome and eat as little ice as possible. Be careful, as they may have a better means of transportation across the Ocean.
  • Lava Monsters are about the same speed as you when you're not holding weapons. When you equip a weapon, they are faster than you, so be careful when attacking them.
  • It is much easier to get amethyst in the Lava Biome than in the Winter, since you don't have to evade (or fight) as many dragons to get it.
  • If you have a heat protection, wear it. It will slow down or prevent your heat gain.
  • If you want reidite, you will have to go to the reidite "cave" in the corner of the map. This cave is slightly smaller than the cave in the Winter. You should place reidite doors to protect yourself, as Lava Monsters and Lava Dragons can't break reidite structures. Remember to leave the doors open when you leave: everyone hates cave-blockers.
  • If you kill a Lava Dragon within 10 days of spawning you will get the Lava Orb, which, in conjunction with the Blue Orb, can be used to make the Lava Sword/Spear, which are the most powerful weapons in the game (apart from the Bows). See this page for tips.


  • In the Lava Biome, if you wear any cold protection, you will gain heat faster at night than day.
  • The Diving Mask and Suit influence the heat, so it is generally not recommended to wear them in the lava biome.




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