The Lava Dragon is a mob added in "It smells like burning! (PART 2)" Update. It spawns in the Lava Biome and will drop the Lava Heart upon death, which is a powerful item used in crafting Lava Sword, Lava Spear and Lava Helmet.


Lava Dragon is a powerful mob that can be found inside Lava Biome. It's ridiculously strong, with 3000 Health and 90 Damage, so you can die after 3 hits unless you wear a reidite helmet or higher.

In order to finish the Lava Orb quest, you must kill one of these dragons in 10 days and obtain the Lava Heart.


The easiest way is to kill the lava dragon with a pickaxe. The lava dragon is so fast that you will occasionally need to stop attacking, especially when you turn around. The lava dragon takes 500 hits with a reidite pickaxe, so the fight takes at least 5 minutes, but can potentially last longer than a day. A similar method is to kill the lava dragon while riding a baby mammoth, if you manage to get this in time for the quest.

If you are a pro, you can attack a lava dragon by standing against a small rock. This is diffucult to do and is not as easy as it looks, since the lava dragon will bounce off, and can easily land outside of aggro range (much more often than if you fight a dragon using a wall). Walls are not recommended, as the lava dragon can destroy even an amethyst wall in 7 hits. You may be able to use reidite walls, but you will spend more time repairing the walls than attacking the dragon.

To complete the quest, you must kill the lava dragon in the lava biome, but there are ways to kill it outside the lava biome (if you have already completed the quest or only plan to make a helmet). One way is to trap it in walls, since the lava dragon can only damage buildings in the lava biome. Note that you must stay near the lava dragon, or it will fly back to the lava biome. Another way is to lead it to the forest (you will need a diving mask to do this) then kill it the same way you would kill an arctic fox. This works because you are slightly faster in the forest than in other biomes, although you are not fast enough to kill the lava dragon as you would kill a wolf.

It is possible to use the trapping techniques for the quest, but you must be aware of when the lava dragon is low on health. The easiest way to do this is to use a diamond sword or better and watch the wall's durability. This works because diamond swords and higher deal exactly 3 times as much damage to walls as to mobs, and the lava dragon has 3 times as much health as wood walls. You can use a stone or gold sword, but it is harder. You also must not damage the lava dragon before trapping it, as you may accidentally kill it early. Once the lava dragon is low on health, lead it back to the lava biome, then finish killing it with a pickaxe.

You must have 2 inventory slots available, as the game prioritizes meat.


  • If you get killed by a lava dragon, the death message is "Oh my God, you died in indescribable pain. Even Lapa turned his head not to see this massacre."

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