The Lava Sword is the evolution of the Dragon Sword. It does the most damage of all the swords, and the fourth most out of all weapons in general, beaten by the Amethyst, Reidite and Dragon Bows. It is difficult to craft, as you need to fulfill the Blue Orb quest and the Lava Orb quest and gather 2 lava hearts and 150 Reidite. Additionally, you also need to make the Dragon Sword before crafting this sword, which is already expensive. Due to the long crafting time, make sure your hunger bar is full and that your temperature won't be a problem. You need a book to survive the long crafting time, unless you have bed.

More Information

The Lava Sword deals 33 damage per hit. If you are wearing a lava helmet, it deals 36 damage. Full lava gear breaks a mob box instantly, so do not kill a mob with full lava gear if you plan to use a machete.

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