In the bottom right-hand corner, a mini-map is displayed. The player can left click on the mini-map to place a map marker there (note - you can only have one at a time).


Press Y to zoom in, or zoom out. The map contains 3 major islands. The first is the Forest and Winter, which are connected on the left side of the map. The other two major areas are the Lava Biome and the Desert. All 3 major areas are separated by the Ocean, which contains small islands. Each major area has no material border except for the Winter, which is bordered by trees on all sides except for the Forest-Winter border and a small inlet into the Ocean at the top of the map. Each server has a slightly different map, with variation among resource deposits and features such as lakes, rivers, lava pools, and oases.

Resource representation in the map

Bush.png Berry bushes: Green stars with two red/purple dots inside.
Inv-cactus-in.png Cactus: Green Saguaro Cactus Shapes
Tree3.png Trees: Shown only in the Winter as dark green pine trees.
World ore stone.png Stone: Small grey dots.
World ore gold.png Gold: Gold bars.
link= Diamond Diamond: Cyan Crystals
World ore amethyst.png Amethyst: Magenta Crystals
Day-reidite1.png Reidite: Red Crystals
Inv bottle full.png Water Source: Blue
LavaWiki.PNG Lava Pool: Red
Player.png Player: Orange / White
Map Marker: Bright Red

History of Maps

Category World ore gold.png World
Biomes Tree3.png Forest · Bear.png Winter · GMO Piranha.png Ocean · Day-lava-dragon.png Lava Biome · Day-sandworm2.png Desert
Features Newdrags.png Cave · Inv bottle full.png Lake · Inv sand.png Island · Crab.png Beach · Treasure chest.png Treasure Chest
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