In the bottom right-hand corner, a mini-map is displayed. The player can left click on the mini-map to place a map marker there (note - you can only have one at a time).


Press Y to zoom in, or zoom out. The map has been updated, making the winter, forest, and lava biome as separate islands, with smaller isles in-between them, spread around the map. The map is also different on each server now, instead of being the same.

Colour representation

 Bush Berry bushes: Green stars with two red/purple dots inside.
Tree3 Trees: Green
 World ore stone Stone: Gray / Grey
World ore gold Gold: Yellow / Light Grey

 Inv bottle full World ore diamond River or Diamond: Cyan
 World ore amethyst Amethyst: Magenta
 Player Player: Orange / White
Map Marker: Bright Red

History of Maps

Category World ore gold World
Biomes Tree3 Forest · Bear Winter · GMO Piranha Ocean · Day-lava-dragon Lava Biome · Day-sandworm2 Desert
Features Newdrags Cave · Inv bottle full Lake · Inv sand Island · Crab Beach · Treasure chest Treasure Chest
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