New market

This is the UI of the Bread Market after the Update.

The market is a shop system within, with which players may purchase 6 types of resources - wood, stone, gold, diamond, amethyst, and Reidite; using crops as currency. In the Bread Market interface, the space is divided into two vertically. The left section serves as an advertisement area, often for LapaMauve's games, while other section is the actual market.

In the market, the purchasable resources include 5 types of Mining Resources(i.e. Wood, Stone, Gold, Diamond, Amethyst, Reidite), 4 types of Currency-Food seeds (Pumpkin, Carrot, Tomato, Thorn), and Garlic. Each resource takes one kind of crop---wood can be bought with berries, stone with pumpkins, and so on until Thorn Bushes for Reidite.

Essentially, the Market progression starts with bread. When 10 bread is accumulated through a bread farm, it becomes possible to trade for pumpkin seeds. These pumpkin seeds can be farmed into pumpkins, which in turn, can be traded into carrots, and so on. The purchased plants are now "unlocked"(As more seeds can be crafted from the harvest). Extra farmed products then can be traded for Mining Resources.

The purchasing process is only one-way around(e.g. You cannot buy carrots with diamonds). Every purchase is permanent and comes with no warnings.

Now, the market promotes farming because as high-end resources that requires skill to acquire(e.g. Reidite) can now be attained without going to the Lava Biome. Teaming is also promoted as it is difficult to build and manage a truly profitable farm with only one person.

Old Market

Market & Finance

The old Bread Market UI. Top panels - choose amount of resources, make purchase. Bottom - Line graph shows price changes.

Before the Market Update, when a large amount of resources are purchased, it's price goes up, but if nobody buys that type of resource for a long time, it's price will lower, even less than 1 bread per resource bought. These fluctuations were displayed as a line graph on the bottom, with five different coloured lines representing the five resources. The bread market formerly consisted only of an interface opened by clicking on its icon (a bread loaf with a stock market arrow overlay) - there is no market location, or trader NPC.

The old market's actual price of items seems to not be fully based on supply and demand of players. If there was no one on the server the graph would still fluctuate. The price must have been either cross server, but not across all servers because no one had found two servers with the same graph, or a computer randomly decided to "buy" to increase demand.

Bread market was added in the 09/20 "Bakers are Your Bankers" update. It was changed in The Market update.

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