Miscellaneous clothing are are clothing items that are neither helmets, chapkas, hoods, diving gear, tunics, or crowns. There are currently two miscellaneous clothing items in game: the explorer's hat and the bag.

Explorer's Hat

The explorer's hat is a hat that allows players to pass by hostile mobs without detection. This is useful in situations where players cannot afford or do not have time to fight the mob. The explorer's hat can be crafted with 3 rabbit fur, 3 paper and 3 thread near a workbench.


The bag, also known as backpack, is an item used to give extra inventory space for players (5 more slots). It is one of the most common clothing items obtained by players, as this does not take any inventory space, and is wearable with other types of clothing. Bag is crafted with 5 wolf fur and 6 thread near a workbench. It is automatically used when crafted.

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