Miscellaneous items are items that cannot be classified into any other category, such as structures and tools. There are currently seven items in this category.

Image Item Recipe Station Required Description
Inv lock
Lock Workcraft Workbench Used to protect chests from being used by outsiders.
Inv key
Key Workcraft Workbench Used to remove locks from chests.
Inv bandage
Bandage Workcraft Workbench Enables faster healing.
Inv bottle
Bottle Workcraft Workbench
Firecraft Heat Source
Can be filled with water.
Inv bottle full Water Bottle Watercraft Water Used to store water for hydration.
Firecraft Heat Source
Inv paper
Paper Firecraft Heat Source Used in crafting the explorer's hat and IKEA manual.
Inv blue cord
Blue Thread Workcraft Workbench Used to craft cap and scarf, winter hood,Crab Helmet, and winter peasant's tunic .

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Category Inv paper Miscellaneous Items
Utilities Inv lock Lock · Inv key Key · Inv bandage Bandage · Inv bottle Bottle · Inv bottle full Water Bottle
Crafting Ingredients Inv paper Paper · Inv blue cord Blue Thread
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