Miscellaneous structures are structures that do not fit into the categories of other structures, i.e. walls, spikes, doors, fires, and agricultural structures. They each serve different and unique purposes.

Picture Name Station required Recipe Description
Inv workbench
Workbench None Allows you to craft more items
Inv chest
Chest Workcraft Workbench Allows you to store a kind of item
Inv res stone
Resurrection Stone Workcraft Workbench Allows you to be resurrected after you die

Required a Dragon Heart or the Crown of the Angel in order to use

Emerald Machine Workcraft Workbench Give you points over time
Inv totem
Totem Workcraft Workbench Allows you to create a team with up to ... other players
Inv bridge
Bridge Workcraft Workbench Provides you protection from many harms, including:
Inv sign
Sign Workcraft Workbench Allows you to signal other players
Inv roof
Roof Workcraft Workbench Provides you protection from many harms, including:
Bed Workcraft Workbench Provide you gauge buffs

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Category Stone Wall Structures
Walls Inv wall wood Wooden Wall · Inv wall stone Stone Wall · Inv wall gold Golden Wall · Inv wall diamond Diamond Wall
Inv amethyst wall Amethyst Wall · Inv-reidite-wall-in Reidite Wall
Doors Inv door wood Wooden Door · Inv door stone Stone Door · Inv door gold Golden Door · Inv door diamond Diamond Door
Inv amethyst door Amethyst Door · Inv-reidite-door-in Reidite Door
Spikes Inv spikewall wood Wooden Spikes · Inv spikewall stone Stone Spikes · Inv spikewall gold Golden Spikes · Inv spikewall diamond Diamond Spikes
Inv amethyst spikewall Amethyst Spikes · Inv-reidite-spike-in Reidite Spikes
Doors Spikes Inv-wood-spike-door-out Wooden Door Spike · Inv-stone-spike-door-out Stone Door Spikes · Inv-gold-spike-door-out Gold Door Spikes
Inv-diamond-spike-door-out Diamond Door Spikes · Inv-amethyst-spike-door-in Amethyst Door Spikes · Inv-reidite-spike-door-in Reidite Door Spikes
Extractors Inv stone extractor Stone Extractor · Inv golden extractor Gold Extractor · Inv diamond extractor Diamond Extractor · Inv amethyst extractor Amethyst Extractor Inv reidite extractor Reidite Extractor
Fires Inv fire Campfire · Inv big fire Big Fire · Inv furnace Furnace
Agricultural Inv seeds Berry Seeds · Inv wheat seeds Wheat Seeds · Inv pumpkin seeds Pumpkin Seeds · Inv garlic seeds Garlic Seeds · Inv thorn bush seeds Thorn Bush Seeds · Inv mill Windmill Inv plant plot Plant Plot · Inv bread oven Bread Oven
Miscellaneous Inv workbench Workbench · Inv chest Chest · Inv res stone Resurrection Stone · Inv totem Totem · Inv bridge Bridge
Inv well Well · Inv sign Sign · Inv roof Roof · Bed Bed · Inv-point-machine-click Emerald Machine
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