Murders is an experimental game mode added in the "Bizarre" update. It does not use the normal map, instead of one with a waiting room (for before the game) and a big area with 1 big room with portal tiles and 6 others which contain clues to who is the murderer or has a stone sword. You will get 500 points every round.


Map of Murders Mode. At the top left we see the waiting room and in the center the big area.

Before the game starts, you will be in a waiting room with a wooden spear and a wood helmet. You can collect Wheat Seeds and Berries and kill Rabbits or Spiders to get Rabbit Fur and Cord to collect temporary gifts. The gifts include:

Item to collect Gift
Berries x5 Bridge x8
Rabbit Fur x10 Tamed Boar x1
String x2 Dragon Helmet x1
Wheat Seeds x5 Roof x8

The game starts when at least 2 people have joined. 1 person starts with a winter hood and a stone sword (murderer) and 1 other has a stone spear (sheriff). You cannot throw items during the game in any way. All the players start with 2 fires and 1 peasant tunic. The game goes on until all the innocents (and the sheriff) are dead or when the murderer dies.

In the game, you can get things by walking over the item boxes:

Item Message
Nothing The murderer is _____
Nothing You didn't find anything interesting



Avoid everyone. Especially if they are following you. Don't follow the sheriff as it may get you killed or raise suspicions. If the sheriff is demanding, you should probably not try to go any where. When you have the chance to leave the area, leave, and find clues. Share the clues with your fellow innocents, and sheriff. If you got the sword, you may seem like the murder, so only get it out when the murder is trying to kill you.


Don't reveal you are the sheriff too quickly or the murder may hunt you down. Be like a normal innocent and ask who the sheriff is. If you are a trolly person, get a sword and pretend like you are the real murder. If you don't reveal you're the sheriff, and your alone, the murder might try to kill you. And that's your chance!


Basically kill everyone. Go to one of the areas with the clues and spawnkill them. This is really annoying to innocents. Or you can go on a rampage with your hood on, killing everyone. If someone is suspicous, and when you have your chance kill them.

Tips of an innocent.

  • Do not follow anyone, because he can be the murder/sheriff and kill you;
  • After the first minute of the game, avoid traveling to any area because the murder can be there and spawnkill you;
  • Only go to the areas that you are sure there is no one inside. There is a low chance for the player to be the murder, but you definitely don't want to risk yourself;
  • If you find a clue box that gives you a sword, don't show it for everyone, because you'll probably be considered as the murder. (Only do this if you want to be away from everyone, you are surrounded by a player with a sword, or you are being followed by the real murder);
    • With a sword, you are very fast on water, so take this as an advantage against the murder;
    • Don't kill anyone who has a sword too, because he can be an innocent player;
  • Collect some berries that spawns in the center of the main room to collect bridges and place them on strategic water points;
  • If you find a clue box that says who is the real murder, tell everyone that this person is the murder;
  • Avoid using the chat because the murder can kill you while you're typing. Use only one word per time;
  • If you kill the murder with a sword, try to avoid this player, because some players will want a revenge.

Tips of a sheriff.

  • Remember that the sheriff is only an innocent with a spear, so please read "Tips of an innocent";
  • Don't show that you're the sheriff at the start of the game, or some players, including the murder, will follow you;
  • Don't trust if someone tells you who is the murder because, if he isn't, and you kill him, you'll die;
  • Don't kill anyone who has a sword, because he can be an innocent player (Only if he shows it at the start of the game, he is wearing a hood, he can kill anyone without dying or if he surround you).

Tips of a murder.

  • Don't reveal that you're the murder at the start of the game, or you'll probably be killed;
  • If you get inside an area other than the forest, use the hood so, if you kill someone, he won't know who killed him
  • Try to trick innocents saying who is the murder (Don't say that it's you or someone dead).


  • All weapons except wooden spear deal 200 damage. Due to this fact, it is possible to survive hit from sword or spear if player is enough lucky;
  • If you are an innocent, you will die if you kill a innocent/sheriff;
  • You can get bridges even after spawning in-game by collecting 5 berries in the center of the main room;
  • After the game ends, innocents with weapons and sheriff can kill other innocents without dying themselves;
  • A murderer can steal at night. This means murderer can acquire spear if he steals it from the sheriff;
  • You can't craft or drop items, but you can eat berries;
  • Your name is choosen by the game randomly and, if you die, your name will be changed.
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