The ocean is the new biome added in the Vamos a la Playa (Spanish for "Let's go to the beach", and it is also a song) update.


The ocean is a biome added in the Vamos a la Playa update. The ocean occupies the lower right quadrant of the map. In the ocean, the thirst bar will fill, but the cold bar will decrease faster, and also lose oxygen. The same effects also occur to the player in the lake.

The ocean contains sandy islands, where treasure chests can spawn, and are home to piranhas and the kraken.

The border between the forest and the ocean is a beach, the crabs' home and where sand can be gathered infinitely, using any type of shovel.


It's recommended that you bring bridges with you when going in the ocean, because otherwise you can easily drown, freeze to death or be killed by mobs, which are faster than you in water. Also, most players use the islands to travel across the ocean (unless if they have access to bridges). It is certainly possible to travel in the ocean without advanced equipment, but obtaining some sort of diving gear will help you travel faster in the water, and reduce oxygen loss. Some players actually use the ocean to easily get to the diamond deposits in the winter, as there is a small opening between it and the ocean.

Plus it is also possible to get stone/gold/diamond/amethyst from digging sand in the beach.



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