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Inv luck crown.png Crown of Luck


Orange gem is used to craft the Crown of Luck. The crown of luck increases the chances of getting rare items in treasure chests, and increases the chance to obtain stone, gold or diamond when digging with any shovel. It was added in the Purge update. It can be obtained by completing the Treasure Chests Quest. In this chrono quest, players must open five treasure chests within two days. There are no constraints for doing this quest (using a starter kit makes it much easier).


The easy way

If you haven't got 16K(16 thousand) score, do so. After you have received your 16K score or higher, die then get the ocean starter kit. Equip the scuba mask and head to your first island. Go in a circle around all of the islands and keep destroying the chests. Do not redeem until you have the necessary requirements to craft the Orange Crown(200 gold,book)

The hard way

Get a stone sword, 5-20 big fires and a few bridges and begin going around the islands.

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