Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv rabbit fur.png Rabbit Fur 3
Inv thread.png Thread 2
Inv peasant tunic.png Peasant's Tunic
Used in
Inv winter peasant tunic.png Winter Peasant's Tunic


Peasant's tunic is a clothing item that is added in the Sounds Good update. Wearing the peasant's tunic allows players to grow crops faster by 20%. Also, wearing this item prevents from being stolen by regular hood. (Note that the winter hood will still be able to steal from people with the peasant's tunic.) The peasant's tunic provides the same cold and blizzard protection as earmuffs.

More Information

A player with Peasant's Tunic

Peasant's tunic can be upgraded to Winter Peasant's Tunic.

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