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The Penguin feather is a drop unique to the penguin. All penguins will drop 4 penguin feathers. Currently, these feathers can be used to craft the Pirate Hat, Pilot Hat, Turban, Winter Hood, Winter Peasant's Tunic, Wand of Life, and Sled.

More Information

The Wand of Life is crafted with 1 penguin feather, the Winter Hood, Winter Peasant's Tunic, Pilot Hat and the Sled need 2 penguin feathers, and the Pirate Hat needs 5.

The Penguin Feather was added in the "Faster!" update.

Used in
Link=Pirate Hat Pirate Hat
Link=Sled Sled
Link=Winter Peasant's Tunic Winter Peasant's Tunic
Link=Wand of Life Wand of Life
Link=Winter Hood Winter Hood
Link=Turban Turban
Link=Pilot Hat Pilot Hat