The Pilot Glasses is a item you can get by the chrono quest in which you get 1 emerald. This is one of the hardest quests, as it's hard to travel through the Ocean, and also have a amethyst pickaxe (at least). Also, you should make sure you have roofs or a turban, as a sandstorm may happen at any time, and the only way to prevent getting damaged is either having a turban or being under a roof. The only use of this item is to make the Pilot Hat.

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Inv pilot hat.png Pilot Hat

To create the Pilot Hat, it requires 8 Hawk Feathers, 8 Vulture Feathers, 8 Penguin Feathers and 6 Threads.

The Pilot Glasses were added in the "Desert" update.


Unlike most items, Pilot Glasses have no tooltip caption. When hovering over the item, all that appears is "Pilot Glasses".

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