Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv pilot glasses.png Pilot Glasses 1
Inv vulture feather.png Vulture Feather 8
Inv hawk feather.png Hawk Feather 8
Inv penguin feather.png Penguin Feather 8
Inv thread.png Thread 6
Inv pilot hat.png Pilot Hat

The Pilot Hat is a item that make you take off faster (about twice as fast). Despite the tooltip, you do not land any faster than normal. It warms you up like a winter peasant or winter hood (warmer than a chapka, but not as warm as a winter scarf and cap), and it gives the same blizzard protection as a chapka. It also completely negates the desert heat and cold, and you take very little damage from sandstorms, much like the ninja outfit. Because of this, the pilot hat is useful in both winter and desert.

More Information

It's crafted with 1 Pilot Glasses, 8 Vulture Feathers, 8 Hawk Feathers, 8 Penguin Feathers and 6 Threads.

It was added in the "Desert" update.

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