The Pirate Hat is a new hat. When equipping this hat, the player will travel faster when using the boat, and also warms you as much as earmuffs. It is the only item that is warm both in water and on land. Despite being warm, it does not reduce the damage of blizzards.

More Information

To make a Pirate Hat, you need 5 Penguin Feathers, 5 Rabbit Furs, 5 Papers and 5 Blue Threads.

The Pirate Hat warms you just about the same as of a Earmuffs.

The Pirate hat was added in the "Faster!" update.

See Also

Boat, Pirate Sword

Crafting Station
Inv workbench.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv penguin feather.png Penguin Feather 5
Inv rabbit fur.png Rabbit Fur 5
Inv paper.png Paper 5
Inv blue cord.png Blue Thread 5
Inv pirate hat.png Pirate Hat
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