Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv wood Wood 20
Inv dirt Ground 15
Inv plant plot Plant Plot


Plant plot is a structure in which berry seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat seeds, and garlic seeds can be placed on. They are useful for farming wheat, berries, pumpkin, and garlic on a bridge in the ocean, on lakes, or in the winter, since seeds can only be placed in the forest or on an island.


Plant plot cannot be directly placed on water. A bridge needs to be built before placing the plant plot. When placed, it will allow players to plant seeds, one per plant plot.

Plants grow twice as fast in plant plots, and plants in a plot do not need to be watered as much as plants on the ground.

Crop Normal With plant plot With plot and peasant's tunic With plot and winter peasant's tunic
Wheat 16s 8s 6.4s 4.8s
Pumpkin 120s 60s 48s 36s
Garlic 70s 35s 28s 21s
Berry 55s 27.5s 22s 16.5s

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