Player is the in-game character controlled by the people that play the game, AKA you. Players have to keep their status bars from completely draining, and be mindful of hostile mobs (and other players), in order to not take damage and possibly die. By default, the player has 9 slots of inventory space. By crafting a bag, this is increased to a total of 14 slots. The player avatar's appearance can be altered through skins.

When killed, the player gives one-sixth of their score to the player that killed them. Also, the player drops an item box, which will drop up to three random items from the inventory of the player that died when broken.

When walking in the snow biome, or swimming in a lake or the ocean, the player's movement speed decreases by 20%.

Death Messages

Death Messages are displayed when the player dies. Most deaths have two associated death messages. They were added in the 'You Will Die Happy' update.

Cause Original Alternative
??? You were killed for no reason. N/A
Player A player killed you whilst telling you to "git gud." You got murdered by a player. Don't worry, that player will die too, eventually.
Campfire or big fire You stayed too close to the fire and burnt to death. Bad idea. You died to a fire. Fires hurt you. Go write a story about it.
Spider Your body will become a nest for spider eggs. A spider killed you. At least it wasn't a rabbit.
Wolf The wolf won't starve anymore after eating you. They aren't dogs. Wolves don't like being pet.
Arctic Fox The fox was too quick for you. The fox turned you into a box. Since when do animals have magic powers?
Polar Bear The bear only wanted a hug. The bear was too much to bare. I'm not sorry.
Dragon You were burnt to a crisp by a dragon. So sad. You got flattened by a dragon. Getting squished is a horrible way to die.
Spikes You jumped into a spike wall. Not a good idea... You got killed by a spike wall. Most people are sensible enough not to touch pointy things.
Running out of time as a ghost Even the ghost can die. You failed to be resurrected. This is a game, so you go to life after you die, so...
Eating raw meat / fish A bacterium from your raw food killed you. This game is definitely too hard. You killed the raw food. It killed you too.
Thirst You died of thirst. Better drink your own piss. You need water in real life. You need water in the game too.
Drowning Ehm... mouth-to-mouth does not exist in this game. Did you know starver's mouths are always below water when swimming? Now you know!
Starvation You starved to death, as the name of the game would imply. You starved to death. No wonder the game's called that.
Freezing You froze to death. So sad. You got hypothermia. Next time, try sitting by a fire instead.
GMO Piranha Do not worry, the piranha finds you tasty. Fun fact: Piranhas eat people. Including you.
Kraken LapaMauve does not plan that you can kill Kraken. A kraken krak-ed your skull.
Thorn Bush Your body wraps itself in thornbushes. As you try to escape, your skin comes off and your heart stops beating. N/A

(only as a Vampire)

Your skin's falling apart, the sun killed you. N/A
Eating garlic (only as a Vampire) You ate garlic as a vampire, what did you expect? N/A
Standing next to garlic (only as a Vampire) As a vampire, don't stand near the garlic cloves. N/A
Holding garlic in inventory ( only as a Vampire) Garlic stored in your pockets boiled your brain. N/A
Overheat The heat makes you suffocate, you can see your skin fall apart. You're charred. Grilled marshmallow has never been so tasty. N/A
Lava Dragon Oh my God, you died in indescribable pain. Even Lapa turned his head not to see this massacre. N/A
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