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Player status bars are the four bars that can be found on top of the inventory slots, and the fifth bar will appear on top of bars said when the player is underwater. These indicate the status of the player's Health: Life, Hunger, Cold, Water and Oxygen. Players need to make sure to keep all five up at all times: when one of the other four bars are out, the player starts to lose health. If a player runs out of health, he or she dies. As such, you must always know the status, or at least a good idea of every bar, especially when they're close to flashing, so you can adjust before it's too late.



Life is basic. You will lose life directly when other players or mobs attack you, when you touch spikes, cactus, or thorn bushes, standing in the center of a campfire, being in sandstorm or a blizzard without roofs, or touching, having in the inventory, or eating garlic while being a vampire. You will be damaged indirectly if one of your status bars is equal to zero (or your warm bar fills up completely).

Your life bar will regenerate 12 units (6%) every 2 ticks (10 seconds) if all of the other bars (food, cold, water and oxygen) are above 70 units (35%). Bandages and aloe vera will help players regain life faster. These can stack to 20 bandage units, bandages giving 5 and aleo vera giving 1. Every time you heal naturally, if you have remaining bandage units, you will gain 30 units (15% of your life bar) instead of the usual 12 and consume 1 bandage unit. This will not occur if you are ineligible for natural regeneration (i. e., one of your other status bars is under 70 units). Wearing the crown of life allows you to regenerate 40 units per tick.

Description Condition Damage received (per tick)
Hunger 40
Cold In Forest, Ocean or Desert 20
In Winter 40
Hot 25
Oxygen 40
Blizzard 16
With Earmuffs 14
With Coat 10
With Cap & Scarf 7
With Fur Hat 2
Sandstorm 16
With Cap (desert) 7
With Turban 2

Losing all your health results in death (unless if you have a dragon heart in your inventory, or you are wearing the crown of the angel).


The Food bar will slowly decrease over time. Specifically, you will lose 3 units (1.5%) of your food bar every tick.

You can fill up your food bar with food, which can be obtained from hunting mobs, or by farming plants. The amount of food bar each type of food bar can restore is written on the food pages.

Once your food bar is empty, you will take 40 units of damage per tick.


Your Temperature changes over time:

Temperature Gauge's Changes per Tick
Condition Change at day (per tick) Change at night (per tick)
-2 -18
With Earmuffs, Pirate Hat, Hood, Peasant's Tunic -1 -8
With Coat 0 -8
With Cap & Scarf, Winter Hood and Winter Peasant's Tunic 0 -2
With Fur Hat +1 -1
With Heat Protections -7 -23
Condition Change at day (per tick) Change at night (per tick)
-25 -50
With Earmuffs, Pirate Hat, Hood, Peasant's Tunic -21 -40
With Coat -17 -35
With Cap & Scarf, Winter Hood and Winter Peasant's Tunic -9 -15
With Fur Hat -5 -8
With Heat Protections -30 -55
Condition Change (per tick)
Near a Campfire (with warm bar) 5
On a Campfire 25

During the day, your cold bar will decrease 2 units per tick without chapkas, so you actually don't need any campfires at day. But at night, you will lose 18 units of your cold bar per tick. That means, your cold bar will drain from a full bar to an empty bar after 1 minute. With earmuffs, coat, pirate hat, hood, peasant's tunic; you have 2 minutes and 5 extra seconds to be away from your campfire. With cap & scarf, winter hood, winter peasant's tunic and fur hat; you have barely a whole night to do whatever you want without a campfire.

Once your cold bar is filled, it will change into a warm bar, if you are standing near a fire source, it will increase 5 units per tick.

If your cold bar is empty, you will take 20 units of damage per tick in the forest, the ocean and the desert, 40 units of damage in the winter. If your heat bar reaches its limit, you will take 40 units of damage per tick. However, note that you will only be damaged in the lava biome this way.


Water bar shows how well the player is hydrated, and it decreases slowly over time.

Place Change (per tick)
Forest or Winter -2
Lava or Desert -5
Ocean +???

Players can fill up their water bar by standing on a body of water, such as a lake, a river or the ocean; by drinking a filled bottle or eating watermelon.


Oxygen bar is hidden at full status, and it will stay full as soon as you don't stand on any body of water without using bridges. It appears as a white bar on top of the four other bars.

While you are underwater, your oxygen bar will drain 25% per tick, and if it's completely empty, you will take 40 units of damage per tick. As soon as you get back to the land, your oxygen bar will generate 30% per tick.

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