Food Bar

Restores: 30% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: 0% of the life bar

Water Bar

Restores: 0% of the water bar


Used in
Inv pumpkin seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is a food item, which grows occasionally from planted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds can only be obtained by selling bread at the market. If you want to start a pumpkin farm, make sure you do not eat all your pumpkins - instead, craft them into pumpkin seeds as they'll pay themselves back after a short time. Note that plant plots are still recommended when planting in the forest as it speeds up the growth by a lot and doesn't need to be watered as often). Earlier, pumpkins could also be used to craft furnace.

Like berries, pumpkins can be eaten at once, and do not have to be processed into other products beforehand. Consuming a pumpkin restores a fair portion (30%) of the food bar. However, unlike berries and wheat, pumpkins cannot be further crafted into better foods. This also applies to Garlic.

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