Rabbit is the simplest and easiest animal you can hunt, as they don't attack back and have low HP. Rabbit runs away from the player upon sight.


When farming for fur, players must at least have two available inventory slots as the raw meat will be prioritized over the fur.

Because rabbits are faster than players with weapons, spears are more efficient than swords, as rabbits would run out of the range of the sword very quickly, and spears would get in range frequently.

The easiest way to kill them is to make them go to a corner, then swing your weapon.

More Information

The rabbit was added in the 'Rabbits Are Tasty' update, along with meat, being the 1st ever mob to be added. However, the fur was only added in the 'Fashion Week' update.

There are two sprites of the rabbit so far; the old one and the new one.


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