Food Bar

Restores: 15% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: 5% of the life bar

Water Bar

Restores: 0% of the water bar

Used in
Inv meat cooked Cooked Meat


Raw Meat is a food item that is dropped by rabbits, wolves, arctic foxes, polar bears, hawks, boars, baby dragons, baby lava dragons, dragons and lava dragons upon death. When consumed, it restores 15% of the food bar and takes away 5% of the life bar. It can kill you by eating it too much. When cooked, it restores more of the food bar and don't poison the player.


It's not recommended to eat raw meat, as it poison the player. Cooking the meat restores more of the food bar and don't poison the player.

When farming for wolf, rabbit, boar, hawk, arctic fox, polar bear fur/dragon heart/lava heart, make sure you have 2 free inventory spaces, because the raw meat will be prioritized over fur/dragon heart/lava heart.

More Information

Rabbits drop 2 raw meat, just like wolves, hawks and arctic foxes. Polar bears drop 3, the boar drop 4, just like baby dragons, the dragon drop 5, just like the baby lava dragon and the lava dragon drop 10.

Raw Meat was added in the "Rabbits Are Tasty" update, being the 2nd ever food source in the game, the first being the berries.

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