The Reidite spear is a end game spear, wielded only by those who accomplished to reach the Lava Biome, it is the sixth tier of spears, and is the second most powerful spear in the game, along with the Dragon spear, losing only to the Lava spear, it can kill pretty much any middle game mob with ease, having a little problem with end game mobs, like bosses.

It is made with 90 Diamond, 80 Amethyst, 40 Reidite and an Amethyst Spear.

More Information

Unlike it's sword counterpart, the Reidite Spear was added in the "It Smells Like Burning (Part 2)" update.

Originally, you needed a reidite weapon to kill lava monsters, as other weapons only dealt 20% damage. This was changed in an unknown update, but the tooltip still days "Really useful against lava monsters". This change is not stated in the changelog.

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