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Item(s) Amount
Inv stone Stone 45
Inv diamond Diamond 40
Inv res stone Resurrection Stone
Resurrection stone

The Resurrection Stone.


The resurrection stone is a structure that enables players to revive upon death, in conjunction with the dragon's heart or crown of the angel. This item was added in the HE IS ALIVE update.


In order to resurrect, players must have the dragon's heart within their inventory, or be wearing the crown of the angel when they die. If a player dies while being eligible for resurrection, they will have 60 seconds to find the placed resurrection stone. If they do not reach a resurrection stone within 60 seconds, they 'completely' die. While as a ghost, status bars do not drain. As ghosts, players have the ability to move through obstacles (such as resource nodes, and player-made structures). Like a normal player, ghosts move slower through water and snow.

If the player reaches a resurrection stone before 60 seconds, a dragon's heart icon will appear in the top-left corner of the screen, which can be clicked to allow the player to resurrect.

After resurrection, all structures placed by the player and their resources will remain. However, the player's pickaxe and their weapons disappear on resurrection. In addition, their score is divided by 3. Players retain everything else in their inventory.

More Information

  • Ghost player marked with blue spreading emmits.
  • If the player becomes ghost but he/she is in the leaderboard, he will not disappear from the leaderboard as long as he is still being ghost or player. But he will disappear from the leaderboard if he dies or ran out of time to find the resurrection stone.

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