Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv thread.png Thread 10
Inv wolf fur.png Wolf Fur 6
Inv rabbit fur.png Rabbit Fur 4
Inv sand.png Sand 50
Inv-saddle-out.png Saddle

The saddle was is a item that allows you to tame neutral mobs. It allows you to ride a boar, baby dragons, king crabs and hawks if tamed. To tame a mob, hold the saddle and find one. Hit the mob with the saddle to attempt to tame it. If it works, the saddle will appear on top of the mob and it is rideable. If it does not work, it will become aggressive and attack you. To stop riding, drop the pet from your inventory into a mystery box (get RID of it) then open it again and you will not be riding it anymore.

More Information

You can also use saddle to tame a Baby Dragon (1% chance), a Baby Lava Dragon (0.2% chance), a King Crab (2% chance) and a Hawk (3% chance).

The Crown of Luck can enhance the chance of taming a mob, compared with a boar: 10 with nothing and 15% if wearing it.

You also can tame a hawk in midair, so there is less risk of it attacking you

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