Sandstorm is a condition which occurs occasionally in the Desert. You will always receive damage from sandstorms if you are not hiding under a Roof.


A sandstorm can occur any time in the Desert, but you will always be noticed if you are in the Desert about when it will start and end. Sandstorms are different from blizzards in a few ways:

  • You can heal when you are exposed to a sandstorm. Because of this, there is no icon that says you are exposed to a sandstorm.
  • You do not necessarily take damage every five seconds. Instead, you take damage more often if you have less protection.
  • The damage timer does not reset when you go under a roof. If you rapidly walk between 2 roofs so that you are not in the storm for more than 2 seconds at a time, you still take some damage.
Types of protection Damage receive
No protection 16 (every 2 seconds)
With Turban 7 (every 4 seconds)
With Ninja Outfit or Pilot Hat 2 (every 8 seconds)
Hide under Roof(s) No damage

If you have no protection, you take a total of 80 damage every 10 seconds, so even the Crown of Life does not heal you fast enough. Ignoring healing, you die in about 25 seconds.

Sandstorms usually happen once per day, but they sometimes happen earlier or later. They are not synced with blizzards.

More Information

The sandstorm was added into the game in the "Desert" update, along with the Desert.


If you do not have a turban, hide under a roof, or just leave the desert. Even with a Crown of Life, you take damage faster than you heal. If you have a normal turban, you will slowly take damage, but you can survive by occasionally taking Aloe Vera. With a Ninja Outfit or Pilot Hat, the damage is almost negligible, as you heal faster than you take damage. However, you will go through any Bandages that you have already equipped.

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