Sandworm is a boss mob spawning in the Desert, it was added into the game in the "Desert" update. Sandworm and Vulture are the only two mobs that can be found in the Desert.

Vulture and Sandworm are the only two mobs that can be found inside the Desert.

A Sandworm is special for its ability to move beneath the sand, the only way to keep it away is to stand on a Bridge. Just remember that Sandworms can deal damage to your buildings.

Upon death, a Sandworm will drop 1 Sandworm Juice, which is used to craft Emerald Machine.


The only way that you can attack a Sandworm is to wait until it goes above the sand and hit it, but it only goes up when it attacks so...

As Lapa said, maybe your little sister could be used as bait for this game?

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