The Sandworm is a boss mob spawning in the desert. It was added into the game in the "Desert" update. The Sandworm and the Vulture are the only two mobs that can be found in the Desert.

Sandworms are special for their ability to move beneath the sand. The only way to protect yourself from it is to stand on a Bridge. Just remember that Sandworms can deal damage to your structures (although they only have 8 building damage).

Upon death, a Sandworm will drop 1 Sandworm Juice, which is used to craft the Emerald Machine and Dragon Arrows.


The only way that you can attack a Sandworm is to stand on it breifly. Start moving as soon as it comes out of the ground. If done correctly, you will land 5-10 hits and take no damage. It is recommended to use swords rather than spears, as the extra range of a spear is completely useless against sandworms. You will need to repeat this process many times, as a sandworm has as much health as a Dragon. If you start to get hit, put your sword away and use some aloe vera.

Because of its small hitbox, you can move in a tight circle. This keeps the worm out of the ground much longer, but be careful not to get hit. You should turn 90 degrees every half second.

It is recommended to have a turban, as a sandstorm could happen during the fight, and this is generally easier than placing a lot of roofs. However, it is still advised to have a few roofs in case a vulture comes. If you do not have a turban, and a sandstorm comes, build a 2x2 grid of roofs.


  • Sandworm can also move through the water and leaves sand trail even being in the water, which is strange considering it can only move through sand.
  • Sandworm will not go up to attack you if you stand in the ocean.
  • Because sandworms are one of the easiest bosses to kill, and one can kill multiple sandworms at once, sandworm farming is one of the best ways to gain points. With practice, one can gain more points than an Emerald Machine. For details, see Guide to farming sandworms.

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