Seeds are items which can be placed either on the ground (forest only) or on a planting plot. With time, they will grow into bushes, which can be harvested for resources, usually foods. The bushes will typically take some time to grow, and will either bear fruits (such as berries or tomatoes) which can be harvested, leaving the bush intact; or they will grow a single bush (such as wheat or thorn bushes) which itself can be harvested, and will keep growing back until the plant dies.

Plants typically have a lifetime of a few days (in-game, of course), and may dry out occasionally, needing to be watered with a watering can before they can continue to produce resources. When a plant dies, another plant can be planted in its place. When making a farm, it is recommended to use planting plots, as these will increase the life span of the plant growing inside it, and will also reduce the need for watering.

Berries, wheat seeds, and aloe vera occur naturally. Other seeds can only be obtained through the bread market, treasure chests, or (if you already have them) through crafting. Below is a list of all of the current types of seeds and how to get them:

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