Shop Owners and Hotel Owners are peaceful players who want to build a Shop or a Hotel in order to help new players.


Shop and hotel owners can provide a really good condition for players to progress in the game, whether they are pros doing quests or newbies trying to learn how to play, shop and hotel owners should help you a lot. Their shops and hotels usually don't stay there for long, so take you should appreciate their effort.

Hotel Owners

Hotels are places where you can stay for a long period of time, and they usually have some good stuff like a furnace, a workbench, a well (if that hotel doesn't locate near a water source) and some berry bushes. Most hotel owners don't want anything from you, but some may ask you to return wood as the fuel for their furnaces. Hotels usually locate near a water source like a lake, a river or the beach.

Shop owners

Shops are places where you can buy things from their owners, they usually look like a small base surrounding with Chests (to trade) and Fires (to keep their customers warm). You can buy almost any items there, but as usually you can only buy food like Berries, Bread, Sandwich or Cake. Shops usually locate near a berry bush or a water source like a lake, a river or the beach.

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