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Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv wood Wood 20
Inv sign Sign


Sign is a structure which shows a message to players.

Players cannot write on a sign or construct their own messages. Instead, the owner of the sign (and their team-mates) can select one of these four preset messages:

  1. No fighting.
  2. Serve yourself.
  3. Do not enter.
  4. HELP!

These messages are not text, but are images (not including HELP!). Sign was added in the TRICK OR TREAT update.

More Information

Sign can be useful when placed outside a base.

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Message Daytime Night Time
No fighting!           Sign1           NightSign1
Serve yourself.           Sign2           NightSign2
Do not enter.           Sign3           NightSign3
HELP!           Sign4           NightSign4


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