Skin Selection

Top = Select Skin (Base). Bottom = Select Accessory.

Skins are different styles of avatars players can use in the game. They were added in the Sounds Good update. To use skins, players have to share on Facebook or Twitter. When done, players will be able to choose between all of the skins, as well as the accessories.


Skins can be accessed at the top right corner of the game's starting screen after sharing. They come in various different colours and emojis including the original "blue" one, which stayed in the game for the longest amount of time (was from the first release). Accessories can also be optionally added to any of the skins (there are no theme limits).


Accessories are small features which can be optionally added onto your character. They are separate and independent from skins. There are currently 8 of them - a pirate eyepatch, a monocle, a bandage, a pair of glasses, a peace tattoo, blush, a flower and a set of horns. Access to accessories is granted simultaneously with skins, by sharing on either Twitter or Facebook. Only one accessory may be used at a time. Like skins, accessories serve no purpose other than to alter your appearance. Accessories were added in the BAKERS ARE YOUR BANKERS update.


Base Skins
Type-Description Daytime Night Time
Normal-Whitish-Blue           Player8           Player3 night
Surprised-White           Player9           1
Crazy-Green           Player10           Skin cyan night
Grumpy-Lime           Player11           Player7 night
Scrarred-Brown           Player12           Player6 night
Pink-Happy           Player13           Player5 night
Magenta - Excited           Player14           11
Red - Angry           Player15           13
Light Blue - Crying           Player16           15
Yellow - Annoyed           Player 17           17
Special Skins
Colour / Description Daytime Night Time
White - Vampire           Halloween5           NightHalloween5
Green - Zombie           Halloween6           NightHalloween6
Type Daytime
(With "Blue" skin)
Night Time
(With "Blue" skin)
Eyepatch           Accessory 2 day           Accessory 2 night
Monocle           Accessory 1 day           Accessory 1 night
Bandage           Accessory 3 day           Accessory 3 night
Glasses           Accessory 4 day Image needed.
Peace           Accessory 5 day Image needed.
Blush           Accessory 6 day Image needed.
Flower           Accessory 7 day Image needed.
Horns           Accessory 8 day Image needed.