The spear is a long-ranged weapon used primarily for hunting and base defence. The more upgraded the spear is, the more damage it deals to mobs/players. Spears deal less damage, but have longer range than swords. When holding a spear, one's movement speed is substantially decreased. Like other weapons, spears cannot be unequipped immediately after equipping. You must first wait for several seconds, shown by a circular timer at the bottom left of the screen.


The spear is a weapon for hunting and killing mobs, and potentially players. Spears are unique for their ability to attack targets from a distance. This allows players to safely attack through obstacles, such as structures, small resource nodes, and berry bushes. The increased range is especially useful when attacking piranhas from the safety of an island, or hunting rabbits.

The crab spear is unique among spears in having the ability to calm down angry crabs and heal them. It allows players to safely utilise crabs as a defence and weapon.

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