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The Spider is an aggressive mob that spawns in the Forest. It was added in the 'Attack If You Dare' update, being the 3rd mob to be added to the game.

It attacks by following the player and dealing a small amount of damage when close. However, despite the damage being small, it has a very dangerous webbing mechanism that traps the player for 2–3 seconds[info needed] allowing it to catch up and deal massive damage. Once the spider is on you, there is a 2-second delay before you get webbed.

The longer a fight with one, the more dangerous it is. Make sure when fighting a Spider to have at least a stone tier sword or spear. Do not fight Spiders while other hostile mobs are near you, because the web attack will allow massive amounts of damage from multiple mobs to be dealt while you are trapped. Try to take advantage of the fact that it pauses a lot in its movement, and that it will stop following you if you can break its line of sign behind an obstacle.

It is possible to kill a spider without getting webbed. Start by attacking once every second, and switch to full speed when you only need to attack 4 or more 5 times. If you are attempting the life quest, you should absolutely use this technique. It can also be used to reduce or completely negate the damage if you only have a wooden sword. If you have a stone sword, you can hold attack the entire time, but you need to make sure the spider starts out far enough away, and you need to land every hit.

The Spider drops 2 cord upon death, which a very useful material used to make a bag, book, bandageschapkas, blue thread and many other useful items.


  • An emergency way to escape a Spider is to put an obstacle between you, forcing the A.I. to de-aggro and leave. This tactic also lets you hit Spiders with a spear behind a wall without taking damage (if you stay there it continues to aggro)[confusing].
  • If you're wearing the Lava Helmet you are completely invulnerable to spiders attacks!
  • Try to avoid wolves when in a spider fight, because they can trap you and may even kill you with the help of the wolf.
  • Avoid large groups of spiders at all costs. If you really need the cord, try to lure one away so you can fight it on its own.

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