Gear This feature is Removed, Unobtainable or Unimplemented Gear
It's not possible to get this in game :(

NOTE - As of the latest update, both extensions are no longer functional.

Overview Extension
The extension is a 3rd-party minor-modification browser extension that enhances gameplay by adding useful features that the game does not normally have. This is developed by Jason Khanlar on GitHub. This was released v.001 on GitHub (date unknown). The extension requires either of the user scripts Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey to run. It adds new content such as GPS and Auto Follow.

NOTE : The old Extension was discontinued a while back, due to its developer (Tjstretchalot) feeling it was no longer necessary with the 07/28 update. It no longer functions at all in the current version of the game. The new Extension is made by Jason Khanlar, and you can find out more about it here. For more information on the older, discontinued extension made by Tjstretchalot, see here.


On-screen Chat Buffer

  • Displays a permanent buffer of chat messages.
  • Works in addition with regular in-game chat visibility.
  • Toggle buffer ON / OFF by pressing ` (backtick).

On-screen Help

  • Toggle with H for Default Help Menu.
  • Toggle with SHIFT + H for GUI Help Menu.
  • Duplication of Tjstretchalot's implementation.

Auto Attack

  • Makes player automatically, continuously attack.
  • Toggle with E.


  • Automatically equips Ikea Manual on crafting.
  • Toggle with T.
  • Duplication of Tjstretchalot's implementation.

Auto Cook

  • Attempts to automatically craft food recipes if required items exist.
  • Priorities: Cake > Cookies > C. Fish > C. Meat > Bread > Sandwich.
  • Toggle with C.

Auto Follow

  • Attempts to automatically follow closest player if a player is near.
  • Enable Caps Lock to switch auto follow modes (manual | mimic | face | mirror).
  • Hold Shift to switch auto follow targets (players | enemies | all).
  • Toggle with F.

Copy Craft

  • Attempts to mimic crafting the same recipe when you craft a recipe.
  • Toggle with M.

Active Feed

  • Provides more efficient eating and drinking.
  • Toggle with R three-way.

Server Name

  • Displays server name above mini-map.
  • Toggle with L.

Displayed Status Bar Values

GPS (Game Positioning System)

  • Provides co-ordinates above player.
  • Toggle with G.

Improved Mini-Map & Big Map

  • Modified night map for easier differentiation between gold and stone.
  • This feature cannot be turned off.


A download link and installation instructions can be found here.