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The date format is (Month)-(Day) (The year is in the headings)


The Beginning (2017)

  • March 24th - LapaMauve created, and officially released it. It was new and fresh. Simple and basic. Diamond Swords were the peak and it was pretty much a current forest mode. Rabbits and Wolves were a fresh new addition to the game, and most likely very well welcomed. They became a more reliable food source than the Berries.
  • March 30th - The official Discord was supposedly created.

The Growth (2017)

  • April 7th - The "Upgrades" update came in and added things that were missing, but were essential to base building.
  • April 17th - Most likely the best update including the Bag and the Book, the called "Look Cool" update. It made the life of the ones who played it easier.

The Success (2017)

  • June~July - The hype of would slowly decrease because of the lack of updates. However, with the "Vamos A La Playa" update the community went crazy. It was and is by far the largest single update in the game.
  • July 28th - The "Chrono Quests" update. It brought a new reason to kill people: Box of Dead People. You would be able to loot three randomly selected items and not just that, but you still would receive the points of that person. It also brought Dragon Gear, which took the place of the most op item in the game. This update came with great controversy within the community. Those who were peaceful had now need to learn how to fight back because the savages were now unavoidable. A lot of people were complaining, but LapaMauve didn't revert or did anything about it.
  • July 31st - With the "The Purge" update the community had mixed feelings. For some, the hood was way too op. For others, the hood was ok, balanced. Most went to #suggestions on Discord to get it nerfed, which LapaMauve eventually did on the "Sounds Good" update which the community greatly approved, having a great feedback.

The Downgrade (2017-2019)

  • September 1st (2017) - April 3rd (2019) - With the lack of updates from LapaMauve, the community went into a downgrade.

The Controversy (2019)

  • April 4th - After almost a year, LapaMauve finally made up his mind to add the Lava Biome and the Desert. He asked the community, and it was "voted" to the Lava Biome being added first. After pretty much two years without a major update, the first step of the Lava Biome came, the "It Smells Like Burning!" update. Amethyst wasn't the best resource anymore, and the last biome wasn't Winter, either. It would be the largest update for PvP so far, bringing the Reidite Sword.
  • April 15th - Finally, with the "Time Is Running Out!" update, it would bring the Lava Helmet, Sword and Spear. The community once again was split on half. Some thought the update was good in its own way; new ore, new weapons, new challenges. The other half thought it was overloading with useless content and that he made it extremely hard to be afk and to just play alone, solo.

The Recovery (2019-2020)

  • July 15th - August 22nd (2019) - After pretty much a year of emptiness and hate, the community would be greeted with pretty much weekly updates and good community feedback, updates like "The Golden Bread Hunt" Part 1, Part 2, Faster!, Various Private Servers and much more.


Green is active staff, White is new user(non), Blue (when alongside a current or former mod) is demoted user, Pink is for bots(pre-2020), Discord Blue is for bots(mid-2020 onward) and all other colored words are level-related ranks. All of these are related to the reputation of the user in relation to the timeline.

Hype (2017)

  • March 30th - The discord was founded by LapaMauve. The first message ever sent was by Izzibaby#5917, being a google document about the recipes, in #starveio.
  • March 31st - eogito joined the Discord.
  • April 1st - Link sent his first message, and it seems like he was promoted to admin before this.
  • April 5th - omer joined the Discord.
  • April - plainG̵͔͂̚ȃ̷̡̳̤ṁ̴̙̚ë̵̦̠́r̴͕̉̆̕ joined the Discord, was promoted to moderator, was demoted and then quietly left the server. werpo was promoted to moderator.
  • May 2nd - eogito sent his first artwork, which would also be the first artwork sent in #artwork.
  • May 4th - The first message in #announcements was posted by LapaMauve, being a advertisement for his newly opened patreon.
  • May 5th - Skalem joined the Discord, and Natsu sent his first message.
  • May - eogito was promoted to moderator and omer was promoted to administrator/manager in the Discord.
  • April - A clan system was implemented. You could promote and talk about clans, in different channels made for that.
  • May 5th~6th - The clan system was redesigned by omer.
  • June 7th - The most disliked suggestion ever on the Discord was sent by Izzibaby#5917 and made by macakheehhehe, with 162 dislikes.
  • June 12th - The most liked suggestion ever was posted on 12/06/2017 on the Discord, sent by Deleted User with 209 likes currently.
  • June 25th - Link sent his last message in the Discord. After that, we can presume he either got demoted and left or he leaved by pure choice.
  • July 1st - Cura became a manager in the Discord, becoming the first manager. She was a developer assistant, which can be saw at some old updates, which her name is referenced.
  • July 5th - pizza wa joined the Discord.
  • July 24th - The #how-to-report-bugs channel was created, with the first and only message being about... How to report bugs!
  • June~July - The Desert and Lava Biomes turned out to be one of the most repeated suggestions on the Discord, which took notice from LapaMauve, in which he stated: maybe.
  • August - werpo was presumably demoted, most likely for his inactivity.
  • October - Anyone want to play? Joined the discord with a very fitting first message.

Bots & Mods (2017-2018)

  • September 3rd (2017) - Natsu was promoted to Moderator.
  • September 17th (2017) - pizza wa sent her first artwork made digitally.
  • September 19th (2017) - αℓĸσɒα sємραɪ joined the server for the very first time.
  • September (2017) - pizza wa was promoted to moderator. The clan system was removed due to drama and controvery surrounding it.
  • December 3rd (2017) - #general was created, to talk about general things (pretty self-explanatory), with the first message being... "first" by Colonizor48#2215.
  • December 27th (2017) - αĸσɒα sємραɪ was promoted to moderator. To introduce the new moderator to the community, LapaMauve pinged everyone and introduced the new moderator.
  • December? (2017) - omarblob joined the Discord. Natsu resigned from the position of moderator in the server.
  • February 23rd (2018) - The Discord reached 1.000.000 comments.
  • May 5th (2018) - MEE6 (LAPA6) started his service as a bot for the Discord. It would make this place a more secure, clean and organised, as before it was a disorganized mess. It would also start the leveling and ranking up system. eogito was the first one to get to level 1.
  • May 6th (2018) - The #welcome started welcoming new players with the help of MEE6 (LAPA6). The first player that was welcomed was welp#5315.
  • May 19th (2018) - #rules-guide had it's first registered message. It was just a little image. It was created to... You guessed it, show the rules to new players.
  • May 27th (2018) - Tatsumaki (Hungry Tatsu) started his service as a bot for the Discord. It would start a secondary leveling system, but the MEE6 (LAPA6) one remained as the predominant. It would start many mini-games, like "Tatsugotchi", "Fishy" and would establish a economy.
  • June 19th (2018) - LapaBot was created. It would make the entire Discord a more lively place. It would, from now on have more games than ever, like #dungeons and #shift.
  • July 16th (2018) - #faq and #roles had it's first registered messages. #faq's first message was a image, which reads "Server Faq". It was made with the intent to answer questions. #roles's first message was also a image, which reads "Server Roles". It was made with the intent of presenting the server roles; what they had to offer, and how do you get it.
  • July 29th (2018) - Dyno (Cold Dyno) started his service towards the Discord. He would polish some things that MEE6 (LAPA6) would not.
  • June~July (2018) - Cura got demoted from the Discord. omarblob and Skalem were promoted to moderator in the Discord.
  • June~August (2018) - ZenChi was promoted to moderator.
  • September (2018) - αĸσɒα sємραɪ was demoted from the Discord.
  • September 9th 2018 - JayRexium joined the discord.

Bots & Leaderboards (2018-2020)

  • December 25th (2018) - Anthrax joined the Discord.
  • January 5th (2019) - werpo sent his last message on the Discord. It was a long time since he last sent a message, and all he said was: ":help".
  • January 28th (2019) - eogito was the first user to reach level 50, which would become the lava rank.
  • March 2nd (2019) - getdunkedonbot joined the Discord server.
  • March 3rd (2019) - Seedot started his service in the Discord. He would start the #counting and guess-the-number channels, and own gamemodes. It would bring the community together, atleast to count.
  • June 11st (2019) - Mario first joined the Discord.
  • August 8th (2019) - Anthrax leveled up to lava rank and was holding 2nd on the leaderboards, about to overthrow eogito from n°1 spot. #private-server-owner has also it's first message saying... "First?", by fatant#2647.
  • September 12th (2019) - With private-servers finally opened, #game-mode had it's first message, talking about the code of "Battle-Royale" mode.
  • August~September (2019) - Mario was promoted to moderator.
  • January 4th (2020) - The ModMail was created. It would become a more reliable way to contact moderators. Before that, you would need to either DM moderators or ping them, which could make them angry if they were busy. With Modmail, all you had to do is wait.

Channels Modifications (2020)

  • January 7th - #roadmap was created, in order to inform the users about upcoming features.
  • January 20th - The #server-status channel was "added". Due to the way it works, there isn't a fixed 1st message. This channel was made to stop confusion about which servers we're up, and if it was just them who could not join a server.
  • January 23rd - davidwanqwerty joined the discord.
  • February 11st - Seedot stopped service in all and every server he was in. This would completely stop the #counting, #guess-the-number and #welcome channels.
  • February 19th - Was reached a total of 100.000 comments who have "no" in it's content.
  • March 8th - Anthrax took spot n°1 on the leaderboards. If she keeps the same rhythm, it will take a very long time until someone overthrows her. But eventually, everything has to end.
  • March 21st - Dyno (Cold Dyno) replaced Seedot to welcome new players in #welcome.
  • March 24th - eogito became The New Community Manager, since the old CM, omer retired in 2018. The first community manager of Community was Cura, she went offline since 2018 and no one have ever seen her return... at least, not yet. Also, it was's 3rd Birthday! To celebrate, most people changed their name to "🍰Happy Birthday!🎂"; original idea from Anthrax; And what about LapaMauve? He was greeted with a long awaited artwork from ๖ۣۣۜYriFox, posted by LapaMauve in #announcements to symbolize's Birthday.
  • February - March - Crub (Cloudly) left the server, due to the toxicity of it. Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) would also reluctantly exit and join back, due also to the toxicity and drama of the server.
Infinity pings
Dave the mighty dominates the world
The banner of the discord after March 31st (April 1st in some places)
  • March 31st - April 1st - April Fools was... Disorientating. eogito changed his nickname to egoito, Mario changed his name to Luigi, omarblob changed his name to eogito and omer changed his name to ɹǝɯo (Quite hard to read, mainly because of the different font, but it reads omer but upside down). Also, the profile picture of the discord would change, first to having 1 ping and then having infinity pings, and change to 0 pings sometime after. Also, Anyone want to play would curse people with the mighty dave. He changed his profile picture to Dave dominating the world...?

The very next day, April 1st (April 2nd in some countries), every single channel was typed upside down, some of the text people sent was upside down, people's names were upside down... Even the picture of the server was upside down. The banner went from a cute little christmas banner to a burning hell with a starver saying "help me". To build even more the chaos, omer sayed in #announcements "¿uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɹoɔsᴉp sᴉ ʎɥʍ ɟʇʍ". There was also the "eogito gang" and the "omer gang". The eogito gang was growing fast, but all the mods (except for eogito, which for obvious reasons went to the eogito gang and Skalem and ZenChi, who are inactive mods) went with the omer gang.

As the final event in April Fools, a new channel made specially for this event would be created: #moderator-boss. It would have different mods and the LapaBot against eachother. You could either damage or defend a boss.

  • April 14th - FranchestCreator was promoted to Trial Moderator by eogito. The "Moderator" section at the members list was now renamed to "Staff".
  • April 21st - The Ministry for the Microbial Coalition (clan tag {𝔐ℭ}) becomes the first official clan in after them being reintroduced minutes earlier. they were first beaten by the fearless clan, but won by a technicality; a new regulation was added last-minute.
  • April 24th - The original #general channel was removed. Now, #starveio was renamed with #general. To replace the original #general, was created #looking-to-play; original idea from Mogol#3020. The first few messages were "first", then "second" and then "third", but were deleted. The first message that still exists is "xd" by user 𝑶𝒑☘Nord. At last, the clan system was once again implemented by eogito, and the Staff tasked to manage it was omarblob, granted Clan Manager rank. #how-to-clan, #official-clans and #clan-chat were created.
  • May 8th - FranchestCreator was promoted to Moderator.
  • May 10th - As the result of minutes of begging, #dragon-cave was created, with the intentions of giving high-level players a channel of their own, without the no-ranks and low-ranks there to disrupt them. Originally an amethyst+ chat where nobody else could see it, pizza wa soon realized that not even low level mods could see the chat. The chat was then subsequently changed to diamond+ can talk in the chat, and everyone can see it (much like #artwork-chat.) The first message there was "hey it worked" by davidwanqwerty. The old was also re-introduced, with this new link, and the leaderboards in this one.
  • May 19th - #voice-chat was created, with the intent of creating a chat which can help people who have no microphones. The first message was by eogito, saying "Hi".
  • June 5th - eogito blocked messages in #dragon-cave, because of lots of drama happening there. Anthrax and Admiral IA left the server beforehand, and Demon's Cat was banned. eogito reinstated #dragon-cave, now with a 5 minute slowmode. Then a new 2

minutes slowmode. After some time, 15 seconds of slowmode. Finally, the slowmode was removed completely.

  • June 15th - JayRexium obtains the lava rank, becoming the 5th user to do so.
  • June 16th - 7ML3 joined the Discord server.
  • June 16th - Kareem2005 obtains the lava rank.
  • June 28th - Anyone want to play? was promoted to Trial Moderator by eogito.
  • June 29th - Mario quit his role as a moderator. After, Logos King was given the role Trial Modertor, as a reward for giving him Discord Nitro. Then, the #staff-chæt was created for the staff and the Trial Modertor. The first message was from Anthrax saying: "What is this?". By an accident, even people who didn't have the Trial Moderator rank could talk there. That was very soon fixed. Then, the role was renamed to "Is secretly a furry" and a few more people were added, such as Anthrax, ๖ۣۣۜYriFox, lump© and Sulfur The Demon. After a few more tweaks, it was renamed to "The LapaMauve Concil". Sadly, though, the #staff-chæt was deleted. Sometime after, it was renamed to "The Furry Concil". Finally, it was deleted for good. However, Logos King kept it, and it was renamed to 👉😎👉, with a gold color.
  • July 3rd - davidwanqwerty obtains the lava rank, becoming the 6th user to do so, taking only 6 months to do it, beating Anthrax's record of 8 months.
  • July 8th - Anyone want to play? was promoted to Moderator by eogito.
  • July 11th - July 15th - 💎Blue💎 obtains the lava rank.
  • July 20th - I'm Blue obtains the lava rank, becoming the 7th user to do so.
  • August 7th - eogito creates the owo rank, and gives it to davidwanqwerty. he is now briefly the record holder for most ranks(excluding selfroles) until being surpassed by Anyone want to play? when he amassed the lava rank.
  • August 14th - Anthrax leaves the discord and discord in general.
  • AWTP's comment to davidwanqwerty after bill amasses more ranks than him

    August 28th - a mysterious Bill Kara joins the staff list, and later amasses every single rank that exists in the entire discord. Later, all of the mods changed their name and profile picture to match Bill Kara's.
  • September 5th - Pink Borb obtains the lava rank, becoming the 8th user to do so.
  • September 15th - Williek obtains the lava rank, becoming the 9th user to do so.
  • September 19th - VictorGD obtains the lava rank, becoming the 10th user to do so.
  • September 24th - 7ML3 counts the number 100000 in #counting and gets the Counter role, which changes color constantly, mostly because of Anyone want to play?.
  • October 13th - Sam obtains the lava rank, becoming the 11th user to do so.

    Leaderboard for Trick'cord Treat as of october 14th, 8:50pm central

Pumpkin Starver
  • a screenshot of the pumpkin starver rank, with a scalable version above written in HTML

    October 14th - Trick'cord Treat(bot) joins the server. eogito also creates the pumpkin starver rank, the #pumpkin-patch channel, which is in a special event section. the pumpkin starver rank is given to the people with the most items gained from trick or treating. davidwanqwerty gains the rank first, followed by, who took over at 8. getdunkedonbot later claims the rank for himself, a few hours later, after a non* claims the rank.
    • non(noun): any low-ranked user in the discord, usually looked down upon until they rise up in the community.
  • October 14th - Shortly after the invitation of Trick'cord Treat(bot), eogito october server icon

    changes the server icon.
  • October 15th - 1 day after the invitation of (h!)Trick'cord Treat, I'm Blue gains the pumpkin starver rank with a score of 68, with intent of stopping at 69.
  • October 16th - 7ML3 wins the pumpkin starver rank with a score of 98.
  • October 18th - I'm Blue gets permabanned for stealing Admiral IA's art and making it their pfp.
  • October 22nd - 7ML3 has one rare item left until they've gotten all of the Trick'cord Treat prizes for a final total of 120.
  • October 22nd - The Emerald and Reidite roles got swapped. it was later changed back as only eogito could change mee6 perms and for a while, leveling up to 40 would do absolutely nothing.
  • October 23rd - 7ML3 gets the rare item "Picnic Basket" from the teddy bear trick-or-treater, gaining all the prizes and becoming the Champion of Halloween.
  • October 30th - general chat got completely nuked after went down
  • October 30th - getdunkedonbot obtains the lava rank, being the 12th user to do so.
  • November 10th - 7ML3 obtains the lava rank, being the 13th user to do so. They also beat davidwanqwerty's record of fastest lava rank by around 1 month, becoming the new record holder.
  • November 15th - Weddlz obtains the lava rank.
  • November 19th - Gurisada obtains the lava rank, missing their opportunity to beat 7's record.
  • November 20th - November 23rd - Simo Häyhä obtains the lava rank.
  • December 24th - December 30th - mr.laith obtains the lava rank.


  • January 20th - The Team Seedot role was added, with 7ML3 obtaining it first, Uxleumas obtaining it second, omer obtaining it third, and getdunkedonbot obtaining it fourth. However, due to an unknown cause, Uxleumas's list of roles shows the "team seedot." (read the bracket thingy right next to this) [1]
  • January 20th - 7ML3 sends their big paragraph of JayRexium lore. (JayRexium is actually two people, Jay and Rexium. Jay is commonly known as a "placeholder", and is a bird (specifically a blue jay), and Rexium is a dark mahogany chair that smells like lavender and has no correlation to the drug Rexium. Both of them together are often known as JayRex, but many users call them "Jay" because that's who they see in community arts, even though Jay is mute. Rexium doesn't mind, because they're very shy.)
  • January 22nd - chenj12 obtained the Team Seedot role fifth. obtained the Team Seedot role sixth.
  • January 27th - 4L!#3371 obtains the Team Seedot role seventh.
  • February 10th - Uxleumas#9464 buys the Team Seedot role eighth.
  • February 11th - CaptainPrint#0313 becomes the newest member to get the Team Seedot role, obtaining it ninth.

Trick'cord Treat Leaderboard Oct 24

Editor Notes

  1. While in the process of making all of this, I realized a lot of the Discord's history is lost, purely because there are several deleted channels and many deleted users. Some of them even were mods, but we may never know what their names were.
  2. It was a really fun adventure to bring all the pieces together. About the different figures that once moderated the Discord. About all the odd and different, even useless events.
  3. We would like it if everyone reading this tries their best to contribute to this page, whether it's adding dates, information, or updates. The wiki will be much better with your help.
    1. This is odd since Uxleumas had never done the "c.roles team seedot" command successfully due to a few bugs. Usually, the only way of gaining the role is by typing that, and then Seedot should reply with "username, I have given you the Team Seedot role."
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