Stone sword is the second-lowest tier of Swords. It is a great weapon for dealing damage to other players and mobs, and can also slowly break down wooden structures. The stone sword is the upgrade from the Wooden Sword, needing 50 Wood and 25 Stone for it. It can be further upgraded to the Golden Sword, with a high-tier sword, killing other players and mobs can be done much more easily.


Stone Sword is the second sword players get, and is one of the weakest. However, do not underestimate it, since it has even more damage than the Golden Spear. The Stone Sword does enough damage to hunt down Rabbits and provides just enough protection from Wolves and Spiders. Therefore, it's great to hunt for the Bag at the early game with the right technique.


  • The stone sword will clip through resources and walls.
  • When hitting a wolf, the sword will appear to attack the wolf, but the wolf won't take any damage.

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