The sword is a weapon used to deal damage to other players and mobs. There are eight variants to swords: wooden sword, stone sword, golden sword, diamond sword, amethyst sword, dragon sword, Reidite Sword and Lava Sword. Swords have a smaller range but deal more damage than spears. When holding a sword, one's movement speed is substantially decreased. Like other weapons, swords cannot be de-quipped immediately after equipping. You must first wait for several seconds, shown by a circular timer at the bottom left of the screen.


For new players, it is recommend to craft a stone sword to defend themselves and their bases; a stone sword deals enough damage to quickly hunt rabbits and to protect themselves from wolves and spiders. A stone sword can be upgraded to a golden sword, which in turn can be upgraded to a diamond, then amethyst sword. With a diamond or amethyst sword, players can kill others easily. Note that some players may see an exposed sword as a challenge or a threat. Make sure to de-quip your sword when approaching another player.


Unlike other swords, wooden sword doesn't require a workbench to craft.

Unlike other swords, Pirate Sword can only be obtained from Treasure Chests, not crafted.

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For having all the recipes of the swords, please go here.

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