This page is created in order to record all achievements of Wiki, and is now also used to tell about different users. Scroll down to go for a trip of memory.
The words that start with # are reffering to the different channels in the Wiki's Discord.

April 2017

  • April 4th - Gustavo240631 created the Wikia and has not returned since, leaving a 17 edit record with no reason. He created the Mobs and Recipes page.
  • April 11th - A new editor (he was new then) who called himself as Eogito uploaded a LOT of files to the wiki. On the same day, Hildahwwong created the Updates page.
  • April 22nd - The first major vandalism on the page Mobs was done here.
  • April 24th - Tropic made his first edit.

May 2017

  • April~May - A page spamming issue occurred, which lasted until Merrystar from Fandom deleted them all. It can be presumed that, since there was no active admins, there would be needed to start a "Adoption Request".
  • May 2nd - Natsu made his first edit.
  • May 6th - PHOENIX147 sent out an adoption request to Fandom but was rejected because the founder/bureaucrat has to be inactive for 60 days (until June 6th) before the wiki can be adopted.
  • May 7th - A vote for an new admin was started by AmQuake.
  • May 10th - The "first" message sent in the discord was by AmQuake, in #general channel.
  • May 16th - The #discussions channel was created. Ironically, it was supposed to be a "temporary" channel, but it looks like it's a fixed feature now. It was supposed to be all about the wiki merging project and wiki moving project.
  • May 17th - Eogito was appointed, and soon enough approved as the new admin.
  • May 18th - AmQuake made his last edit on the wiki on the Key page. Most of his edits were updating/adding information, nothing too notable.
  • May 19th - The #support channel was added, mainly for support.
  • May 30th - The first major vandalism act on the main page's wiki happened here.

June 2017

  • May~June - A content-repeating issue occurred at the Strategy category.
  • June 7th - Eogito is now the new bureaucrat.
  • June 17th - Tatsu started his service towards the Wiki's Discord. He started a leveling system, a economy and a more fun place.
  • June 18th - Natsu started a wiki merging discussion poll on the wiki's Discord server.
  • End of June - The wiki merging project is canceled due to a request from LapaMauve saying that there is no need of doing this. (See the source here)

July 2017

  • July 2nd - It was created the #music channel, just so people could play music. However, they still needed a bot to play the musci. So, Dyno started his service towards the Wiki's Discord. His main service was to play music.
  • July 3rd - With the need to make a channel specifically for bots, because they were just like spamming #general, it was created the #playground channel, just for bots.
  • July 7th - Natsu was promoted to a admin.
  • Mid July - There was a huge update info lack due to low activity to nearly all users.
  • July 25th - MEE6 started his service towards the Wiki's Discord. He would help the moderation in the server, towards polishing and preventing any type of advertisement/spam. Also established a leveling system.
  • July 30th - Foxtrox21 started a "hunt for admin", edit farming about 150 edits.

August 2017

  • August - Several translation projects were started.
  • August 5th - The #workshop channel was created. It was previously called #editors, which was just to planning out some things in the wiki.
  • August 13th - The #hi channel was created, with the main goal of getting 100 hi's from 100 different users before the wiki gets to 10000 edits.
  • August 25th - The wiki reached 10000 edits in total, and the #hi channel became a read-only channel to make everyone remember the hi's.
  • August 26th - Dyno stopped his service. Natsu was mad that he would be just bad. Rythm started his service towards the Wiki's Discord. He would make the Discord a more lively place, playing music whenever you would need it. It was a simpler option than Dyno.

October 2017

  • July~October - The #announcements channel was, more likely made. There admins would talk about... Announcements!
  • October 15th - The wiki reached 200 pages in total. MEE6 was banned from the Wiki's Discord by Natsu. Soon enough he would be unbanned, but was never invited again. Chenleo holds the highest level granted by MEE6, being the level 4.
  • October 20th - Tropic started a poll, which questioned about the #discussions channel: "Should we change the channel topic to "A: Mee two. B: mewtwo. C: mutetool"?, and there were three answers: Yes, in the first, yes, in the second and yes in the third, from the current description of: "A: I don't like bread, they are plain. B: I love bread! They are yummy!".
  • October 21th - The poll ended with the majority answering with the 1st answer, yes. We all agree that it was a very fair poll anyways, no doubt of that.

November 2017

  • November 27th - Eogito made his 2000th edit.

December 2017

  • December - Leafffffff got admin, most likely before christmas, but there is pretty much no evidence pointing to it.

January 2018

February 2018

  • February 23th - Nano started his service towards the Wiki's Discord. He would make the Discord more organized, deleting some types of message. He also has a few commands, that would make the Discord a more fun place.

March 2018

  • March 11th - Eogito presumably resigned from the staff team.

April 2018

  • April 4th - The Wikia has its first anniversary, but it wasn't a really a happy one...

May 2018

  • Mid May - The wiki reached 15000 edits in total.

June 2018

  • June 24th - The shared images database between the English and Japanese wikis have been created.
  • June 29th - The #rules channel was created. It would show to new users what to follow and what not to.

November 2018

  • November 5th - Leafffffff presumably resigned from the staff team.

May 2019

  • May 18th - Hildahwong made his last edit on this wiki on the Lava Monster page. Most of his edits were undoing and adding information/updating and some was creating templates, but nothing that is too noticeable.
  • May 30th - TheGamingDan made his last edit on this wiki. He really enjoyed talking with other people and, curiously, his last edit was replying to a message on his Message Wall.
  • May 20th - Anyone want to play? was promoted to Content Moderator, after a whole year and a half without a new staff member.

April 2019

  • April 1st - Tropic pranked a lot of people, with a april-fools that, with the inactivity of LapaMauve, the discord would be closed. Doesn't sound too convincing, but makes a little bit of sense. It was created the #april-fools channel, just so that Tropic could talk about the "closing" of the Discord, which actually, he just sent a April-Fools image, and then told people to tell other april-fools jokes, and like #hi, it would become a read-only channel.
  • April 18th - Cupcake107 made her first edit in the wiki.

August 2019

  • August 16th - The #introduction channel was made...? It would introduce the Discord for those who were not sure of what to expect from it, and what exactly they would like to do, and most importantly what the Wiki is all about.
  • August 27th - One of the veteran editors of the wiki, Poog21 went through a eternal sleep, due to his "lack of interest". A not so known fact is that the gun in his profile picture is a gun from a other game made by LapaMauve,

September 2019

  • September 19th - SquishyAS made his last edit on the Spears page. He mainly wanted to edit the wiki to have a little bit of recognition. "Dreaming to be a bureaucrat/staff/admin, any special spot on this wiki. It would make me feel special, even just been in the wiki's history page. Do you know the feeling when you play an important role in something? Well, if you didn't experienced it, nevermind." - SquishyAS, 22nd April, 2018.

October 2019

  • October 23th - Happii255 made his first edit.
  • October 27th - Astringent made his last edit on his user page. He mainly fixed things and added captions to various items.
  • October 28th - ExonArtz made his last edit on his Message Wall. What made him stood out a bit was that, when he commented/talked with the community, he almost always made 2 comments.

November 2019

  • November 14th - Williek11 made his first edit.

December 2019

  • December - After pretty much half a year without a new staff member, Happii255 was promoted to Content and Discussions Moderator.

March 2020

  • March 14th - Poog21 uploaded a new profile picture and would start to become active again.
  • Sure, the wiki is kind of inactive, but who knows what is waiting for us in the future? We have many new potential editors, although they just come and go... One of them may become an admin one day, who knows for sure?

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