Tick is an event that occur every five seconds in the game. It is basically when things change in the game, except for a few. It can be controlled and used for a player's advantage.


Status Bars

Status Bars will change every tick depending on the condition of the player. Players can only drink water from a lake/river/ocean, or gain heat at a campfire at the end of a tick.

The only things that aren't directly affected by the tick are:


  • If all status bars are above 70 units, your health bar will increase for 10 units every 2 ticks.
  • Your cold bar will decrease every tick, so you can use this to your advantage: Place a campfire every 4-5 seconds and keep moving on, so you can move without losing any temperature. Here's how it works: Your cold bar will change every tick depends on your condition, so if you are standing near a campfire while a tick occurs, your condition is "near a campfire" and your cold bar won't decrease.


Wheat is transformed into Flour when a tick occurs.

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