Tomato seed is an item which can be placed to grow into a tomato plant. It are used as convenient ways to gain large amounts of food quickly.

It can be crafted with 8 Tomatoes near a fire source or buy it in the market with 20 Carrots.


When placed, tomato seed will grow into a tomato bush after 4 minutes and that tomato bush will disappear after 8 days. Its durability is 700, so you shouldn't harvest them by your weapons because they will destroy your plants before they can reach 8 days. The best tool to collect tomatoes from a bush is Pitchfork and Golden Pitchfork.

When planted, tomato plant will dry up after 1 minute and 40 seconds. When dried up, it will change into brown and will stop producing tomatoes. To replenish the plant, you have to water them with a full Watering Can.

Type of Damage Number of Hits to Break
Hand ???
Stone Pickaxe ???
Stone Spear ???
Stone Hammer ???

The planted tomato plant grows one tomato every 30 seconds and stores up to 3 tomatoes. Tomato growth is boosted by 20% when planted in a Plant Plot, by 20% when the person planted it is wearing a Peasant's Tunic, and by 40% when the person planted it is wearing a Winter Peasant's Tunic, the effects are stacked.

Tomato seeds cannot be planted in the winter, ocean, lava and desert without using the Plant Plot.


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