Treasure Chest can be found on any one of the Islands, which are in the Ocean Biome. They are not buried or hidden. To open it, players have to repeatedly hit it until it is destroyed, after which you get a random item inside it. It has health like a mob, not a structure, so weapons are the most effective for opening it.

Currently, Treasure Chest spawn rate and spawn capability are greatly increased, I am not sure what is the spawn capability per island or server, but based on my personal experience, there could be up to 6 Treasure Chests in one single island.

Treasure chests don't drop quest items. However, they can drop maxed-tier items, such as the super hammer.

The Treasure Chest Chrono quest requires you to open 5 Treasure Chests in 3 Days.

Treasure Chest drop cannot be changed when you wear the crown of luck.

More Information

There is a way to rapidly acquire items from treasure chests, by going to the other islands and blocking the spawn points with walls. Return to the unblocked island and watch a treasure chests spawn every 5 seconds (only if you have destroyed the previous one).

If you destroy 2 treasure chests at the same time, you can get 2 of the same items.

A hooded player finding 5 treasure chests on 1 island.

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