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Tree is most common Resource Deposit in Map which contains Wood. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on which Biome the Tree is growing.



Trees most commonly appear in Forest. They often come in large groups here, and you can see Trees mostly everywhere growing in this greenish Biome. There are five Tree species in Forest: Tiny Oak Tree, Small Oak Tree, Medium Oak Tree, Big Oak Tree, Huge Oak Tree.


In Tundra Trees come a little more rare than in Forest. Trees grow here in way smaller groups and it is wide distance between Trees, because this Biome is cold to survive. There are three species growing here: Small Fir Tree, Medium Fir Tree, Big Fir Tree.


Trees don't appear in the middle of nowhere water, but do grow on Ocean's Islands. Here Trees aren't rare, because Islands are small and have at least one or more Trees. Only one species currently of Trees are in Game here: Palm Tree.


Trees are usually used for gathering Resources for Wood. Like other Deposits, they can regenerate it's Resources over time. Bigger Trees also contain more Wood. To gather it, Player must hit a Tree with a hand or any Pickaxe.

Trees also block movement and Mob sight, but Ice Dragon and Lava Dragon can fly over.

Tree Max Wood Seconds per regeneration Wood per regeneration
Tiny Oak Tree
20 8 1
Small Oak Tree
35 8 2
Medium Oak Tree
50 6 3
Big Oak Tree
70 8 4
Huge Oak Tree
80 6 4
Small Fir Tree
World fir small.png
? ? ?
Medium Fir Tree
World fir medium.png
? ? ?
BIg Fir Tree
World fir big.png
? ? ?
Palm Tree
? ? ?