The Turban (aka Cap or Desert Cap) is the first level of protection against sandstorms in the Desert. It is a relatively early-game clothing item and allows players to traverse the desert with one less thing to keep track of. It can be hard to craft, as you need to kill some boars. The crafting recipe requires 4 cord and 2 boar fur. It can be upgraded into the Desert Turban. This protects from sandstorms, cold, and heat.

Because it does not require many resources to craft, it is very useful for the pilot hat, golden pitchfork, and bag quests.

The turban also acts as a weak heat protection in the lava biome (weaker than diamond protection). Everywhere else, it is as warm as earmuffs, although it does not reduce the damage of blizzards.

Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv thread.png Thread 4
Fur-boar.png Boar Fur 2
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