Vampires will spawn with the vampire skin. They enjoy a slower rate of bar drain for cold and food. Vampires move faster, deal more damage and regenerate life faster at night. Vampires will get rapidly damaged by the sun during the day if out in the open. To not take damage at day-time, vampires must hide under a roof (shade from trees will not work). Vampires are extremely vulnerable to garlic bulbs. As a vampire, you take some damage over time if standing next to a garlic bulb or have garlic in the inventory, and will instantly die if you try to eat garlic. Vampires start out with 4 roofs in their inventory. They will spawn during the day-time only if there are more survivors than vampires.


  1. It's recommended to hide under a base covered with roofs during day-time.
  2. During night-time, vampires should collect food so they don't starve during day-time.
  3. Vampires should join other vampires and make a big base with roofs, berry bushes and water source(well or lake).
  4. Vampires should attack only at night-time since they are stronger and faster.
  5. You can team with a human if you know that he/she won‘t kill you (like if he/she is you‘re friend).The Human can help you at day and you can help them at night.
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