The Vampire Mode is accessible by switching to Vampire Mode on the game menu. This game mode was added in the Sun and Moon update, on the 2nd of December 2018. This game mode is team based, meaning that players cannot attack players on the same team. Upon starting the game, players can either spawn as Humans or Vampires, depending on the time and the amount of players on each team. On the leaderboard, Humans will be marked with a white name and vampires will be marked with a red name. Vampire Game Mode uses the Normal Mode map, meaning chrono quests are enabled and all biomes are accessible.


Players that spawn during the day will become Humans, unless if the Human/Vampire ratio is unbalanced (too many vampires), in which case humans may also spawn at night. Humans have no special abilities, and are not different from the normal players in normal mode. Humans cannot deal damage to each other.

Players start out with 3 garlic seeds, a campfire, and 2 berries in their inventory.


Ex Vampire.png

Vampires will spawn with the vampire skin. They enjoy a slower rate of bar drain for cold and food. They can also eat raw meat without taking damage. Vampires move faster, deal more damage and regenerate life faster at night. Vampires get damaged by the sun during the day if out in the open. To not take damage at day-time, vampires must hide under aroof (shade from trees will not work). Vampires are vulnerable to garlic. Staying near garlic, having garlic in the inventory, or eating garlic will have deadly consequences for vampires. Vampires start out with 4 roofs, a campfire, and 2 berries in their inventory.

Vampires must work together to survive. Due to their dependence on roofs, multiple vampires are needed to defend a base. 

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