Vehicles are craftable items that can be placed onto the ground. They are meant purely for transportation, and in getting from place to place.


Currently, there are four vehicles in the game, Sled, Boat, Plane and Nimbus 2000. They allow you to traverse certain biomes faster, the Winter and Ocean respectively. Certain items can increase the speed one can travel in a vehicle, such as the Pirate Hat or Pilot Hat.

  • Boat helps you travel faster in water, which can be increased by using Pirate Hat
  • Sled helps you travel faster on snow, but you can't increase your speed any further. It is very useful for killing mammoths and dragons.
  • Plane and Nimbus 2000 allow you to fly. You can take off faster on a plane by using Pilot Hat, and you must wear Witch Hat in order to use the Nimbus 2000. However, the Nimbus 2000 was removed in the Bizarre Update.

You can use Tamed Mobs as vehicles, too:

  • Tamed Boar helps you travel faster on land, this includes the Forest, the Lava and the Winter, but you will lose your advantages in water. It is slower than a sled or baby mammoth.
  • Tamed King Crab helps you travel really fast in water (still slower than a boat though) and in the forest, but you are very slow in the Winter, Desert, and Lava Biomes
  • Tamed Baby Mammoth helps you travel in any biome, faster than a boar. In winter, it moves at the same speed as a sled. The Baby Mammoth is very slow in water and has the same speed as the Tamed Boar on land.
  • Tamed Hawk, Baby Dragon and Baby Lava Dragon help you fly faster, Hawks are slower than Baby Dragons, and Baby Dragons are slower than Baby Lava Dragons. Tamed flying mobs are a better option than the plane, as they can fly in the desert and lava biomes. Like the plane, you take off faster with the pilot hat. Also, the baby dragon and baby lava dragon take off twice as fast the plane and hawk (taking off a baby dragon normally is as fast as taking off a plane with a pilot hat). However, all flying objects land at the same speed, and this is unaffected by the pilot hat.


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