Weapons are items that increase the player's ability to deal damage on structures, mobs, or other players. While holding a weapon, a player's movement speed is substantially slower, stacking with the slowing effects of the winter and ocean biomes. Also, weapons cannot be de-equipped immediately after equipping; there is a timer of several seconds before you can de-equip. This timer can be avoided by dropping your weapon, but this is not recommended as other players could pick it up. This is something to keep in mind during PvP and when hunting mobs. There are three types of weapons in - swords, spears and bows.


Swords are able to deal the highest damage. They have smaller hit-boxes in return, Swords have nine tiers, from wood to lava. There's also Pirate Sword, which you can only obtain from treasure chests or gift. It is very possible to fight mobs with small ranges with the right technique.

Swords are good for:

  • Dealing the most damage
  • Close combat in PvP (more damage on hits)
  • Killing mobs much faster compared to spears while kiting, transitively conserving health.


Spears deal less damage than swords, however they can be better sometimes in PvP or few mobs in situations; Players mostly choose their weapons from preference. It is much easier to hunt rabbits with spears, for one thing! Spears have nine tiers, from wood to lava. There's also crab spear which does the damage of a stone spear and can also calm and heal crabs.

Spears are good for:

  • Attacking mobs or players behind structures
  • Saving resources (Most spears cost 20% less of highest tier materials, compared to swords)
  • Kiting in PvP (allows one to easily escape enemies while still being able to hit them)
  • Gathering food like berries, pumpkins,etc. (but keep in mind that if you hit a small berry bush in a plantbox a bunch of times, it will be destroyed.)


Bows are one of the most useful items in the game, granting high PvE damage and high PvP damage. However, arrows can be quite difficult to get in stacks and are probably better to get in end-game.

Bows are good for:

  • Hunting mobs and players
  • Attacking players that are unreachable with spears or swords
  • Kiting in PvP


The shields are used to run away in PvP. Once it get's hard to keep up with the enemy, and you are getting severely damaged, you should use one of them.

More Information

All weapons except the wooden sword and wood spear require a workbench in order to craft. In addition, amethyst-tier weapons require an IKEA manual equipped as well, in order to finish the craft without the player dying of hunger or thirst. Finally, the dragon/lava sword and dragon/lava spear requires a workbench, heat source and a body of water (ocean or lake) together in order to start the craft. There is also an image in the games code named cursed sword, which was scrapped or is going to be added once. The wooden bow is one of the only wooden items to not be crafted in a workbench.

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